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  1. Sam I Am Darnold gets to face his old team first week of the season, hope he doesn't get Mono again. Kyle Pitts vs Davonte Smith battle of the first round rookies Packers vs Saints woulda been nice last year with Rodgers and Brees, but now its looking like 2 new QBs leading those teams in 2021
  2. Jacksonville Jags' Tight End Roster: James O'Shaughnessy (Expected Starter from last year, not a Redzone threat, total JAG) Chris Manhertz - 6 catches for 52 yards in 2020 Ben Ellefson (appeared in 2 games in 2020) Tyler Davis (2020 late round draft pick, played special teams mostly) Luke Farrell (Rookie) I think Tebow has a real shot to make this squad if he's in shape, if for nothing else, the Jersey and ticket sales the Jags will get in return will surely net a profit for taking this local hero and savior
  3. Year 1 with Flo at the helm, the rushing game was bottom of the barrel, I believe we averaged 70 yd/g. Only one way you go when you're at sitting rock bottom Last year, the rush attack improved to mediocre 105 yd/g (similar to Buffalo who also didn't invest/prioritize the position during FA or the Draft), we also had 3 rookies starting on the line last year, none of the Free Agent running backs from last year panned out for us. Miles Gaskin took the starting role and really didn't give it up, I don't see why that would change this year, in fact, I'm betting Gaskin comes in next year polis
  4. Franchise QB of the future, Phillip Who? Now their O line is a perceived strength with Slater added to the mix, great receiver room, they have a hole at Tight End only to fill, and if the Defense is suspect as it was last year, I would be expecting another season of breaking records for Herbie
  5. Its an underwhelming pick for me. I don't see the necessity to trade up from 12 to 6 and lose one of next year's 1st rounders just to get Waddle this year with the 6 pick. Eagles did good going from 12 to 10 to nab the last of the 4 top pass catchers and played the board like experts. If Grier stayed at 12 and made this move instead of the jump to 6 (or just taken Sewell BPA with either WR named Moore in round 2), I'd have more confidence and excitement about Tua's potential. O Line is still suspect, hope we address it, probably won't.
  6. Don't forget Texans fans, they're sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on
  7. Just another hot take, but the dolphins have some serious holes to fill on Defense. They traded away Shaq Lawson (DE), and they cut Van Noy (Edge/LB). They loaded up on DT in free agency (Butler and Jenkins additions) to offset the loss of Godchaux, and they picked up the Texans all Pro Middle Linebacker who opted out last season for Covid. They have to address the DE/Edge position somewhere early imo, its not a deep and talented position in the draft according to the experts. If a trade back with someone like Chicago or Washington way down the line and they net a haul of picks to do it (prese
  8. Its interesting that people bash Chris Grier for a perceived bad move, and go out of their way to heap praise on Coach Flo for any perceived good moves the FO makes. I'm still waiting on Flo to hit on one of his Coordinator hires, so far 1 and done is all we got. I saw the splash signings last year as a stop gap to fill holes where they could, and it ain't like its my money, so how much do we all really care that Stephen Ross got fleeced out of his millions? He's a billionaire with plenty to spare, sorry Steve. Our young nucleus of a team is improving every day, making these free agent pick up
  9. No disagreement with this line of thinking here, I just wanted to add a couple of cents from my viewpoint I think draft need is a pretty subjective term just like drafting BPA...It all depends on "who" decides what the team needs for its improvement, and then which prospect does he/she thinks will provide the greatest impact to improve the team on the whole at that particular draft slot. For my position, the Wide Receiver group was terrible last year, but Grier has made upgrades to the receiver room that probably improves them to be middle of the pack this season. We probably could call i
  10. I think there's plenty of evidence to believe Tua will be solid for the phins this year, my hope of course is he'll be spectacular. People writing him off after year 1 would be like writing off Josh Allen after his Rookie year. I'll side with 'Cleats on last year's wide receiver room being with the bottom dwellers in the NFL last year, at least during the time frame that Tua took over. Remember, Tua had only a game and a half with Preston Williams (our second best receiver) before he went to IR, and I really don't get why anyone should be worried that Tua didn't play better than Fitzy? There's
  11. Last year, Wide Receiver Room was DeVante Parker, Preston Williams (for 1/2 a season), and Gesicki at TE This year, Wide Receiver Room is possibly going to be JaMarr Chase with Will Fuller, DeVante Parker, Preston Williams, Albert Wilson, and Gesicki (possibly Kyle Pitts in lieu of Chase). That should mean we'll have 3 first round talents paired up with Tua if we pick Chase/Pitts next Thursday. Wide Receiver is automatically one of your deepest and strongest positions for the Dolphins. I think its no question Tua improves with that kind of talent, and lord knows the guy is training his bu
  12. Minnesota continues staring at Offensive Line help, but again its a push because Brevin Jordan from the U is still sitting there, and I want to select this guy (my guy) before I get fired after night 2 of the Draft. Minnesota likes fast, athletic tight ends and this guy fits the bill to compete with Irv Smith or possibly be good for double tight end packages. With this final pick in the 3rd round, I won't be playing the later rounds for this mock, but I'll keep a lookout for what you guys all do here, very insightful stuff all around @DerrickHenrysCleats you're up...again
  13. The Raiders go back to back in rounds 2 and 3 for Safety help, Mike Mayock gets fired, Raiders hire Mel Kiper Jr to draft rounds 4 thru 7.
  14. For the Minnesota Vikings, the priority is help along the offensive line, however, the Vikes let the board come to them, and will pick who they think represents BPA with their first of 2 3rd Round selections. And so Mike Zimmer gets himself some back end help for his Defense with Hamsah Nasirildeen, Safety out of FSU. According to Draft Network, Nasirildeen is a versatile defender offering flexibility in multiple defensive packages who could be used to neutralize the tight end or even cover running backs in man coverage. He's also big enough to play in the box at the next level. @ajs723 t
  15. Jarrett Stidham's going to be waiver wire fodder at some point this off season. I think the NE brain trust knows exactly what they've got based on last season's work of art, and that is not the proverbial Bird in the Hand
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