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  1. He has wiffed 24 times in 53 ABs and is currently hitting .113. Thats a whole lot more then 2 days of not hitting. Last yr he wiffed 90 times in 184 abs at .204 and 2019 he wiffed 159 times in 380 abs at .247. Career 855 ks with 2020 abs thats what about 46 or so % of the time he wiffs.
  2. lots of windy days at target feild with all those powerful swing and misses
  3. Angels blow a 3 run lead. How is that Get Mike Trout to the postseason plan working out for them. The player they signed to a HUGE contract A Rodon is hurt. their new closer sucks,and they are currently in last place in the division . Congratulations Front office bozos! They should have fork the money for Bauer, Darvish and Hendrik if they wanted to be serious about getting Trout to the playoffs.
  4. He didnt even make it 10 games. Softest player in MLB history
  5. he tripped over a blade of grass in the outfield I guess. This guy could hurt himself sleeping.
  6. Pressly in the 8th up 2 runs? Whats he the set up guy now? or a 2 inning save attempt?
  7. Maybe its they have more faith in Wheeler has a hitter then anyone they have on the bench?
  8. Blind Squarrel if he don't keep hitting some more. I take that dinger thou. I will apoligize on the 2nd one LOL
  9. And he has been for years. I totally can not understand how the Twins have not flat dropped him. Any random player they have in their farm system should be able to produce the numbers he does.
  10. IF you took Pujols numbers with the Angels the last 10 yrs He ain't a HOF player. Its amazing the diffrence in 1st ten with the Cardinals and 2nd ten with the Angels. He did not have 1 year with the Angels better then any yr he had with the Cards Not even 1.
  11. I really want to like you Alec Bohm and Kyle Tucker. I want to be a fan and root for you, maybe I'd even buy one of your jerseys and wear it around proudly supporting my fandom of 2 of my favorite players. BUT you are making it dang near imposiable to do so.
  12. The one positive you can take about owning Lindor is that they will keep on running him out there everyday hitting 1 or 2 in the line up and he won't lose is job no matter how much he stinks. NO way the Mets paid him all that money to be a bench warmer.
  13. I love when people think other managers in the lg will just take their garbage from them. They always think they should be the one that gets the better end of the deal. IMO If you want to unload Lindor you better take a player that would Improve my roster not yours or I reject the deal. Has far has a SS swap straight up for Lindor right now I am not sure I would take him over about 20 other teams starting SS. Maybe I take him over a Andrelton Simmons, or Freddie Galvis maybe but even those 2 SSs are out hitting him
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