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  1. more nothingness today. today is like any other day.
  2. looks like this guy called it back on jan 1st.
  3. if degrom was to not throw another pitch in the Majors he would not be quilified to be on the HOF Ballot. IMO he ain't close to a HOF if Kluber ain't.
  4. he makes the start then leaves in the 3rd like today. Wish he stop saying its nothing when he left his last 2 starts early/ If its nothing then finish the start.
  5. or maybe Cole and Framber are just trying to get batters out any way they can and in real baseball a ground out or a pop up out is just has good has a strike out. Taking a out on 2nd or 3rd pitches to each batter will allow you to pitch deep into games 7th 8th innings cause your pitch count is lower. In REAL baseball I take a out any way I can get it. and I want to limit the base runners I rather have a Pitcher with a 7.2 inn, 2 er 5 k line with a chance to win a game then a Guy with a 4.1 inn 4 walk 4 ER 10 k line then pulled out before he can get a win
  6. i bring it up cause they are actually a team you should stream pitchers against. if judge is sitting even more so cause he is the only legit bat in the line up if he is not hurt. once Voit comes back they might be a bit better but not by much.
  7. yep day after day after day of 1-4 with a single. its mindnumbing owning players like this.
  8. pitchers don't pitch anymore. They will just go to a pitching machine soon anyways
  9. Did you know that thru 67 games The Lowly Tigers have outscored the Yankees for the season 263 to 261. Even the Brewers who everyone gets on has scored more runs this season then the Yankees 268 to 261 lmfao.
  10. hes a self procliamed ace but he ain;t and if he was a ACE the bullpen guys would be sitting in the bullpen would be watching him pitch the 8th and the 9th innings and hold that lead
  11. Framber pitchs for a team that scores runs and Cole Pitches for a inept limp offense. wins will be hard to come by for Cole
  12. aces finish games . Giolito ain;t no ace
  13. was about has predictable has the sun coming up in the morning
  14. Giolito didn;t get a win cause he screwed up a 4-0 lead in the 4th gave up 2 and got his pitch count to high to stay in 8 innings. totally 100% on giolito for a ND. If pitchers want the win then pitch deeper into the games that means finish it or at least hand it to the closer not some Pitcher named Bummer
  15. no way snell he makes it thru 5 innings with the lead. he will give it right back
  16. amazing how bad they are at scoring runs. still have more runs then the yankees thou
  17. if giolito gets this win taken i am going to cry.
  18. I did answer it Neither one will stay healthy more then 20 games in a row
  19. well maybe not. Seems giolito don;t want to win this game and has no ability to bare down and dominate a team when he gets a lead
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