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  1. This is what I'm holding out for. Got a free IR spot and ESPN's been generous lately assigning O's just for 1 game
  2. Guess his days of standing in the corner waiting for the ball is over. Been playing really well since mid march and currently on the best run of his career, putting up 23ppg over his last 6 games
  3. So boring to own that you almost forget he exists, but he's quietly been putting up numbers lately. Could be useful down the stretch but unfortunately only 2 games in the next 7 days
  4. The crickets here are disrespectful, absolute stud in the making. 25ppg coming soon to a fantasy team near you (perhaps as soon as next year)
  5. I agree that they're tough to read, at this point at least. They had some tough luck and bad breaks during the season and could've well been .500 or better. Their actions at the trade deadline and the heavy resting of the starters recently do suggests a change of direction, but then again they've played a ton of games in a short amount of time and got players recovering from covid, etc. But the 4 game streak is a good point and might force them to compete again, who knows. It's hard to roster any Raptor with much confidence right now though.
  6. Could be an interesting cheap option for punt fg% next season, but then again SGA and another early first rounder might make things murky
  7. You know you suck when Lu ******** Dort is the first guy you bench to lose games
  8. Perhaps my favorite glue guy to own this year, and the 15ppg to boot was definitely on the loftier side of expectations. Too bad the Raptors tank job ends the season on a sour note, hopefully it doesn't carry over into next year...
  9. Amen. Had a fantastic year with JJJ out, dominating rebounds and fg% each week. Will be interesting to see if the price goes up next year. Can't believe he's only 28 too, feels like he's been around forever
  10. People thought it was a great idea to give the consolation bracket winner half his money back, so everyone have something to play for until the end...
  11. Missed out on him to the wrong opponent and it might just cost me the semi's. Grats to those who snagged
  12. Aaand ofc the original owner who missed playoffs grabs him first out of spite lol
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