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  1. bump. We could also sell one team as a single, but at discount. I've got one owner who is flexible and ready to go, just looking for one more, then to finalize details and move on to next phase (dispersal draft if that's what is happening)
  2. Looking for 2 new owners to join a long running dynasty league. $100 fee, 100% payout, all in leaguesafe. Low annual turnover normally, but this past year a couple guys just lost interest in FF and decided to quit, so now we have 2 openings. Somewhat traditional settings – PPR, single QB settings. Limited devys (up to 15 new ones can be drafted each year). A lot of parity in league, 12 teams. Dispersal draft between 2 teams. Both teams have all original picks (3rd an 5th spot in 2021) Teams available have a decent mix of players including Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers,
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