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  1. And now there is a stat correction. My opponent last week has now won...by ONE point.
  2. Hamstring tightness and bruised knee. Call me crazy but I still think he can contribute in my points league. I'm holding.
  3. So this past week in my H2H points league I faced my #1 opponent, a friend I've played with for years and we're always competitive. Both of us were currently tied for overall first as well as we were both 3-0. So it was close at first, but I started to pull ahead as the week progressed. When we get to Friday, he streamed a pitcher and pulled pretty close to me, though I was still ahead by 20ish points. But when I looked at his lineup for Saturday, I saw he was going all-in and streaming and throwing 7 guys against me that day. My jaw dropped. By Sunday, if I didn't stream, I would have had 9 s
  4. I have him in ESPN so it doesn't hurt me as much, but I hope he still pitches tomorrow, too. And he just stole 3rd!
  5. Ohtani hit by a pitch in his throwing elbow. Stayed in and stole 2nd. Good to go, looks like, for hitting, but he may be sore tomorrow so his pitching start may be pushed back.
  6. That's what the White Sox announcers just said as an update. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.
  7. Right hip flexor strain. X-rays negative. Re-evaluation tomorrow.
  8. Or a double to start followed up by a sac grounder to move him to 3rd...
  9. My league right now is like a carousel with certain players. Kopech was added and dropped for streams or other players quite a number of times in the early weeks. Plus we have 1 guy in the league who has almost completely dropped his drafted team because he super streams every position AND is impatient with strugglers, so the rest of us have used waivers to grab his rage drops like Torres, Goldschmidt, and Blackmon. Anyhow, I used my waiver on Kopech the week he started and even if he stays in the pen, I plan to keep him. He's just too good and those 11-15 points I get from him in 3 innin
  10. I dropped him 2 weeks ago. I mean, I DID look back, but my opponent had him this week so I don't feel bad right now. 🤭 I don't know. I expect he'll do better as the season progresses, but will he do well enough that you'll feel he was worth the spot over others on the wire in the end? I have Ynoa now.
  11. YES just announced that Sanchez x-rays are negative. Simply a contusion on his finger and part of the hand. Yankees hope he will only miss a few days.
  12. I watch MLB.tv on my PS4, and it appears we can no longer listed to game audio in Blackout games live? Is it the same on other devices? My guess is no, and it's just a programming error. If that's the case, I'll need to call customer service again. Ugh. It always takes them weeks to get things stable, it seems, at least on the Sony game devices. You would think providing a streaming service would be simple to maintain.
  13. Ha! No, I think it was foul tipped but it bounced into his throwing hand and he was visibly in pain. He finished the inning but came out the following one. Hopefully it's not serious but it may at least down him another day. I don't know.
  14. I really should have made this my first post, but THANK YOU to everyone who posts in this thread year after year! This is the thread that brought me to lurk in these forums a few years ago, and I've been here in the shadows ever since. The info here is better than that wild Monkey or any other place on the Net for current and potential closer news. I've been drafting closers every year I've played Fantasy, which is about 10, despite the warnings here. Finally, this season, I took that advice, but accidentally (yes, indecision and fumbling led to this) drafted Hader, so my silly streak of
  15. Shohei is another player that brings FUN back to watching baseball. Of course the sport itself is fun for (presumably) us all to watch, but it's easy to get caught up in stats, or pushing for our teams/players, etc., etc. But Ohtani is just so energetic, gives 100% whatever he's doing on the field, and looks like he's genuinely enjoying paying baseball. Whether you own him or not, like the Angels or not, he's a fun player to watch. And he seems to be very friendly as well. Humble, but still gets excited when he gets on base. I like owning players like him in Fantasy. Makes for double the
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