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  1. #Dodgers Dave Roberts on Cody Bellinger's status: "We were initially hopeful that it was going to be a day or two. But as the days have gone on, there hasn't been a whole lot of improvement." Will try to run/hit pregame. Best-case scenario he plays Wed before off day Thur”
  2. Trying to understand something here. Flexor Tendonitis doesn’t have to do with the elbow but more so with fingers, right?
  3. Very typically a diagnosis of being out for six weeks comes down before a game, an org typically makes a move same day. I’m sure he will be moved today.
  4. Thank you! hopefully that happens today…..
  5. Right! I came here wondering -why haven’t they ILd him?
  6. The Marlins are full of young/exciting players & this kid is near the top! Who do you like better, Sixto or this youngster?
  7. OVERLORD!!! Please do not strike me with lightning …Not necessarily true - Doctors indicating he should not have further issues once recovered. https://www.google.com/amp/s/chicago.suntimes.com/platform/amp/white-sox/2021/5/5/22421934/luis-roberts-injury-shouldnt-have-lingering-effects
  8. If you had read the Musgrove player thread you’d have thought he was on par with the Cole’s/DeGrom etc of the world….
  9. Actually team is not in my sig - roto, 10 teams, QS is a cat.
  10. I had picked up Weathers recently but McClanahan is on the WW. Do I consider dropping Wrathere for him? Team is in my sig- 100% WHIR.
  11. With Lamet going down with injury I need to find a replacement. Take a look at my signature - who do you like ROS out of Javier/Wearhers? Or are you not a fan of either? 100%! WHIR - thanks!
  12. Weekly leagues I wouldn't start him Daily leagues no reason not to start him
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