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  1. Second walk yesterday!!! Can’t believe I’m saying this after just 2 walks lol but for someone who never walks together with his playing time increasing (and his bat responding), might turn out to be one of the waiver wire steals of the season.
  2. Another ridiculous game yesterday. His first four hitter of the season (including a hr). Soon many experts will realize that they were dead wrong ranking this kid anything below number one on the M’s prospect list.
  3. Another quality start. Looking very composed out there.
  4. He has been promoted to double A. If he does well there too not crazy to expect a late season call up. Interested to see if power starts showing up more consistently because outside of that 3 game stretch he hasn’t homered.
  5. Yes, although Medina has been pitching well and his control issues aren’t as bad this year, but makes sense to season him an extra year. Roansy is still very young too and has taken many by surprise this year so perhaps a September call up? Lodolo is 23 I think so I could see him being called up in July/August. Who would you say has the highest floor and who had the highest ceiling longterm? Including Kowar so we keep it relevant to this topic.
  6. Yes next season is a tough ask. Although you never know, maybe some off season work with jokic can accelerate that process a bit.
  7. What about Medina Lodolo and Roansy? Or are they not expected to be called up until next year?
  8. We think so. 20 percent chance though. 40 percent this season. 60 next. Or 55 and 5 percent for injuries etc.
  9. I am considering it but can’t get myself to pull the trigger just yet. I don’t think I will sell unless I get a sure thing back. Yes batting average might dip a little, but this type of power is not easy to find. His nickname is el bombino for a reason.
  10. 😂 was talking more about those few years where he was at his peak and relatively healthy.
  11. They need to move him up to high A soon and then double A after that. I think not long after Franco is up, the best prospect in baseball debate will move to JRod and this guy, with maybe also abrams if he develops consistent pop. Very rare for someone Luciano’s age to already have so much power, and he should have a decent ba too. Perhaps not as high as JRod but also not low enough to hurt you. Do you guys see a similar ceiling to Stanton’s?
  12. I agree with that. I have both Kelenic and Jrod but I’ve always been a bit higher on JRod. Higher ceiling imo, I really believe if he continues to develop the right way he will be a top 10 fantasy pick. Still a long (maybe not that long) way to go though.
  13. Did not find any topics on this lefty. He’s been cruising in double A, and is ranked by most as Cincy’s second or even best prospect (depending on how high you are on Hunter). But for this season in particular he is more likely to get the call and longterm offers a very high floor because of four above average pitches, so could easily settle in as a future number 2. I think he will get the call later this year and will start contributing right away. Stats so far this season: 22.2 ip, 0.40 era, 0.84 whip, and 32 strikeouts. His k/9 for his short career (over 41 innings) is now r
  14. Nobody is going to mention his absolute gem vs the Yankees?? 6 innings 2 hits 2 walks 0 runs and 7 strikeouts. What a ceiling this guy has.
  15. I agree, and unless something is being kept from us I think we will start seeing him use it in the near future. Buy low opportunity.
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