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  1. If you think musgrove is going to continue to pitch as good as he is you might as well trade Harper. Canha has been better than Harper and will probably finish better.
  2. Schoop and wisdom and you think gurriel is an upgrade? I would keep walker.
  3. I'm using boxerberger and Devin Williams, jp Frey and Fairbanks in my holds league. With the way they use rp now I don't know if it's good to have numerous rp from the same team. Josh Taylor for the red Sox has really been pitching good this season.
  4. I got rid of him but will add again if he gets hot.
  5. Same as with the lions. He isn't and never was a top 5 qb. Probably no difference between him and goff and previous seasons.
  6. He is not going to pitch more than 4 or 5 innings is this key. Looks good but for this season does he offer a chance at qs. He will probably eat some innings.
  7. Might want to just add one teams bullpen that is good lol.
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