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  1. Kamara did good with Thomas injured last season.
  2. Went in the 5th yesterday. I dunno if the rams will sign anyone or should say they don't think it's that important.
  3. If you drafted Akers and got Henderson too I wouldn't even be worried especially in redrafts.
  4. I didnt draft him in any leagues. Stinks for the dude....he had the opportunity in his lap to be the work horse load.
  5. Will he be on an innings limit soon because he did not pitch many innings in the mlb.
  6. I noticed this super flex and te premium is creeping into normal play. Most people who draft qbs early and tes early like this because they want to force others who dont draft qbs and tes to draft them early or have an advantage on them if they still do. Points are becoming cheap. How many points do you need. In ppr you can have one reception for minus nine yards and still get plus points.
  7. Number one option. What does that even mean coming from a team like the Patriots.
  8. Sometimes one of your RB3 won't get the majority of work because another rb gets the advantage but you get so many deals.
  9. Dickerson ran for 1800+ yards three time in his career. No other rb did that.
  10. Same people who said they won't draft Henry because he does not get much of anything with receptions are now saying he is the safest pick.
  11. I noticed this too today. They moved Kelce from 8th to 4th and moved up Robert woods. I did most of my drafts. I'm guessing waller will be moved up too. Drafting early does have some benefits. Once the industry shills start getting interested there is very little value. Sermon, Michael Carter, Melvin Gordon, mostert will move up.
  12. Please show where I said Watson stinks and is a back up. Again you are assuming. Watson statiscally had a fantastic season that went somewhat unnoticed because he isn't mahomes or Brady and didnt rush for 1,000 yards like Jackson. He is the one who has dozens of sexual assists cases against him. Also if you want to check my opinion on cases similar to these for people who look different check out what I said about Trevor Bauer. Kaepernick had one of the best offensive lines for his super bowl run and the season after.
  13. You are yet again making assumptions based in bigotry. Maybe if some players where not so stubborn they wouldn't have this problem.
  14. Might as well use the waiver wire for another OFer for the hot hand.
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