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  1. Hopefully they don't trade him. He is the most valuable playing for the Texans.
  2. Kamara did good when Brees was injured and taysom hill was starting and teddy. Winston is a mess.
  3. Bears offense will be a mess no matter if Dalton or fields starts.
  4. This guy has potential playing with the falcons. He is one of the best kick returns all time, is fast and is picking up where the almost worthless running game is bad. Every NFL team could use a guy like this. He does it all.
  5. I drafted Hopkins in a lot of leagues. Figured Fitzpatrick would give them a boost. Still using him even without Fitzpatrick as qb.
  6. Kelce. RBs are scarce. Maybe 20 are going to getting the chance when you are drafting. The question marks where there a little with him anyway.
  7. Just look at the ypc difference. He isnt getting the receptions he did. The leagues I have him in it was a mistake to draft him.
  8. This is why not drafting people like lockette and theilen are dumb because industry over analyzing says "he only averaged so many weeks as top ten" The season is still early. It's one game.
  9. I drafted him in a few leagues only when his price tag was a double digit pick. I knew I shouldnt have. I have no faith in him or the team for him to produce close to what he's expected to.
  10. Blake jarwin or juwan Johnson. Thanks.
  11. Glad I did all my drafting in July. Got tons of his stock. Also this is why you draft the handcuff. They always says you want upside.....well this is the definition.
  12. Even if he didn't have the surgery and was healthy I would take Elliott instead of him. Probably Aaron Jones and Chubb too.
  13. Scott Mitchell to Herman Moore and Brett perriman.
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