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  1. 23 minutes ago, FFCollusion said:


    I understand your concerns, they are valid, but be realistic for a moment... who would you have drafted instead at the spot you took Zeke?  Zeke was 4th-8th off the board on average based on site.

    Aaron Jones?  Garbage last week.  Jonathan Taylor?  Garbage this week.  Barkley?  Lol.  Cook?  Looked like his season was over twice today in week 2.  D.Adams? T.Kelce?  Najee Harris?  Chubb?  Less involved in the pass game than Zeke and Hunt > Pollard.  CEH?  Gibson?  Kamara... Ehhhh maybe.

    How far do we have to go down the draft board to prove that Zeke's production still lands him as a first round pick, even after a bad week 1. List me 10 players you'd take over Zeke, if we agree that CMC and Henry are 1 and 2.  Even if we accept Cook at 3, find me 9 players.  You drafting Hopkins, Adams, Kelce, Tyreek, Diggs in the 5th spot?

    It's easy for you to cry and complain about involvement, but it has no basis in reality when you recreate the draft board, given the information we have as of right now.

    All the same people crying about Zeke's production are the same people WHO INSIST they have to have a top tier RB in the first round to be competitive in fantasy.

    I'm defending Zeke, but I'm also the person who said I either want the 1st spot to get CMC, or give me the back of the draft to grab 2 elite WRs.  I wanted nothing to do with all the question marks of those "elite" RBs.

    Henrys massive workload in 2020, Saints offense is upside down, Cooks injury inevitable, Taylor got a new QB, oline injuries, Hilton injury... Barkley off the ACL, Chubb in a committee, Ekeler isn't a traditional bellcow, the list goes on and on.

    So, unless you think 9 Wars should go in the first round, you tell me RIGHT NOW what other 9 RBs you'd rather own than Zeke for the rest of the season?

    If you were drafting for a league that only plays week 3-17, you're telling me you wouldn't touch Zeke until the 2nd round of a 12 team league?

    Either substantiate your claims, or admit you're just complaining because you have unrealistic expectations of what weekly production you can reasonably get from anyone not named McCaffrey.

    Kelce. RBs are scarce. Maybe 20 are going to getting the chance when you are drafting. The question marks where there a little with him anyway.

  2. 1 hour ago, MrPositive said:

    So Fields threw for 61% 3TD's 0INT's and ran for 92 yards and another TD in preseason and he's not the starter? As a white dude, it's the first time I'm calling white privilege. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. Dalton couldn't win a playoff game in his prime and has absolutely no running ability and was a backup last year. This is a joke, sorry.

    It's the preseason.  

  3. On 6/30/2021 at 3:06 PM, hard1 said:

    Joe Flacco to Steve Smith 

    Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson 

    Andy Dalton to AJ Green

    Phil Rivers to Keenan Allen 

    Kirk Cousins to Adam T and JJett

    Not sure where the logic of needing an elite qb to be a wr 1 comes in? All these guys succeeded because they didn't have an elite qb but had a connection. It's very likely that if Hurts throws for only 2000 yards 1500 is going to Smith. Sit back have some popcorn enjoy the show.

    Scott Mitchell to Herman Moore and Brett perriman.

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