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  1. In daily head to head leagues it's not worth it. It tanks your average. You can add a player a few times a week because there isn't a full slate of games every week.
  2. Time to be done. Will he continue to play like a top 25 2b.
  3. Unless you are playing in a weekly points league you are probably better not even using a C and use that to stream pitchers and hitters. Posey, Molina, Perez, realmuto, Contreras, smith, barbhart and maybe zunio. Guys this this kill your average. There are like maybe ten catchers or so worth it. I can get a .150 batting average and a few runs and RBIs streaming hitters a few times a week.
  4. You want to get a qb who passes a lot period. Drew Brees was perfect for these leagues when he was younger. He attempted and completed the most passes and top 3 in yards and TDs. A qb with a team with a bad defense is good.
  5. Staying away from this guy unless I can get him after top 20 or so. It's the lions.....also what else needs to be said.
  6. Is houser part of the starters or a when needed guy.
  7. Lindor value came from stolen bases. I dont pay for stolen bases. If you think lindor can hit 25 or 30 again with a good average....go lindor.
  8. Jp would be my first choice. The rest is desperation.
  9. He is probably mad he is not the guy with the falcons and Calvin Ridley is. He might not have his youth. 32 years old. He isn't Randy moss or Jerry rice old head either.
  10. Kamara is a better choice than eckler and Elliott.
  11. Pavin smith is a good add. Pederson and happ are streaky.
  12. In a ten team league I'm guessing there are some nice pitchers to add. Yes I would get rid of him. Players like mahle, descalfani, Miley available or no
  13. This is my number one ranked wr. Josh Allen had his break out year relying on throwing to him. They depend on each other. Others might say Devonta Adams. He has not always been this most healthy player and problems with Rodgers and packer org. Make diggs the guy. I would be confident in Getting diggs while people like Adams or hill where taken before him and feel like I get the better stats.
  14. His value gets hurt if he is traded. I wouldn't draft him at what his price will be. Very few teams would feed him a lot like with the falcons.
  15. Anyone of these worth an add. Schoop, galvis, France, profar, Sosa. Or just keep starting lemahieu.
  16. The Yankees figured judge and Stanton where going to be ruth and Gehrig. They felt them two could give them at least on average one run going through the lineup. Gary Sanchez is a bad catcher with a strong arm and pretty much Chris Davis. Like a few people said they built a softball team. It doesn't help lemahui is doing nothing.
  17. You don't have any free agents you can add like Jesus auigerla or pavin smith. I wouldn't trade bichette for bellinger.
  18. People are not going to pay much for injury prone strasburg. If you can get walker do it. If I didnt have an IL spot I would drop him for a streaming spot or see if you can add someone like mahle, ect.
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