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  1. The only reason I might is because after rb20 its a guessing game. There is still a nice selection of WRs after 20. People should not to be too sold on the Bengals offense.
  2. Yeah it is. Kaepernick and his advisors made the decision it was more important for him to be a prop then play football because cleo lemon is better than Kaepernick. Tim Tebow was pushed out of the league because of the NFLs bigotry towards his religion and skin color. The NFL has been a junk product for ten years. Fantasy football is what keeps the nfl going. If vick can play football again and have a job for espn or fox there is no excuse for Colin Kaepernick.
  3. This isnt the Bernie Sanders forum. Kaepernick isnt an NFL quarterback. Like Richard Sherman said about him after the nfc championship game....hes weak and doesn't have it.
  4. Probably would say Gibson. I might be tempted to keep Gibson, ceh and Aaron Jones.
  5. You get better at rb but your WRs will be hit. Jarvis Landry will become your WR2. Not worth it.
  6. I would not do it because singer is the weakest of the bunch.
  7. I'm not a prospect guy until they start getting ranked.
  8. If it was a redraft I would say no. In a dynasty I would barely say yes
  9. Who are some of the pitchers who could and will be on an innings limit that would affect getting wins and QS. Pitchers like Trevor Rodgers, Ian Anderson, Alex manoah, ect. Are the types I am taking about.
  10. This guy just doesnt care. It's kinda obvious.
  11. I remember he did have some good games with Staffords backup. I forget his name. His name was something like driskwel.
  12. Putting the all star game back to back with draft wont help ratings.
  13. Yeah but he played for the lions before. It's the lions.
  14. Yeah I know but it's the giants. He was still there so I had to.
  15. I did in a few drafts but I'm still not sure about him. Got him in the 6th in one draft
  16. Wonder how long ian Anderson had before he is on a legit innings and pitch count.
  17. I got rid of him and Garcia yesterday. Some might say that's dumb. They are owned a lot in leagues but they won't be getting QS chances come playoff time.
  18. Woodruff isnt pitching as quite as good as he was.
  19. The giants as a team barely passes for 3,000 yards. I have him in a few leagues and looking at Daniel Jones this guy is wasting his talent on this team.
  20. Daniel Jones didn't even throw for 3k yards last year. Laugh at the jets but they are better.
  21. Doesn't have Curtis Samuel but David Moore is now their number three. Wr 2 at best.
  22. People are saying Wentz is an upgrade to Rivers?
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