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  1. Lol. Yep. This guy doesn't deserve a thread either.
  2. Running qbs limit their running backs rec. However I don't know what Prescott is considered by rbs do pretty good with him. The ravens are running a high school and college offense. Might be cute for fantasy points but doesn't win championships.
  3. Akers will probably be drafted too soon because of industry rankings. I don't consider him a top 15 rb. Him and eckler are two I don't trust.
  4. Zach moss will start being drafted earlier now. Unless he is the guy, singletary will be the third down back and is. probably a good bye week replacment.
  5. Barlow got blown up and it wasn't in the 9th. Done with him. Whip wasn't too nice anyway.
  6. 1500 yards and 10 TDs should be expected. Should get 250ish points. Remember when a lot of people said dont bother with Henry early because he doesn't catch passes. 1500 yards, 10 TDs, 15 rec for 100 yards is 235 points.
  7. I agree. I doubt he is with the rays big league team too long this season.
  8. You got a going point. they have two players who get most of the targets......Metcalf and lockett. They say they want to run more but probably won't.
  9. I dunno if I trust him playing 15 games. If he does ok.
  10. Why is this guy even being discussed. Are some of you hoping someone signs him and you draft him and strike gold. might as well draft David Johnson.
  11. It's not for the fans. They want to make money. Check out how much money it is go to go a game.
  12. He shouldn't be selected as a pitcher to the asg. His numbers are not bad but they are not asg worthy.
  13. 4th or 5th. If you are going to wait a while after your 3rd pick you can take him then because he will probably be picked. TE has been so crappy after Kelce, waller, kittle and you can say Andrews and hockenson too.
  14. Why add a other game. Is it to make more money or will the stats look better.
  15. 49ers RBs get injured a lot. Pairing the two would be good.
  16. Yeah but also you do nothing but draft. No week to week strategy. If I was to play that I would load up on RBs and a good te then draft people like fuller, Gallup, a chiefs wr besides hill, ect.
  17. Vaughn for Olson is better than the other trade.
  18. People will get mad when some player who people wouldnt start is on the other team and has a big game. People who are legit won't care for this. It let's inactive managers win and is for novice players. Pretty much any wr after 15 are the same.
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