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  1. Why add a other game. Is it to make more money or will the stats look better.
  2. 49ers RBs get injured a lot. Pairing the two would be good.
  3. Yeah but also you do nothing but draft. No week to week strategy. If I was to play that I would load up on RBs and a good te then draft people like fuller, Gallup, a chiefs wr besides hill, ect.
  4. Vaughn for Olson is better than the other trade.
  5. People will get mad when some player who people wouldnt start is on the other team and has a big game. People who are legit won't care for this. It let's inactive managers win and is for novice players. Pretty much any wr after 15 are the same.
  6. Curtis Samuel is on the team now. 85-1100-5.
  7. With three wrs like the ones on the cowboys...that being cooper, lamb and Gallup, it's going to tough Gallup to do a lot. He will have some nice weeks. Similar situation with teams like the Bengals, dolphins and Steelers.
  8. If you draft Chubb do you got to draft hunt.
  9. Yep. Back for him was good enough for me. exactly what I came to forum for.
  10. Good info. What I needed. Going to add Barlow now.
  11. Maybe a little too much expectations for his rookie year and being drafted with a first pick by many added to that.
  12. I don't like the giants teams offense. Even before his injury it's the giants.
  13. Probably just more pats on the back. Still better to have during a bye week then some.
  14. Hayes is with the pirates. Really doesn't add much. He is still young tho.
  15. McGee has been getting the save opportunities more than Rodgers recently.
  16. Jake fraley or kebryan Hayes in a keeper. Fraley doesnt start everyday.
  17. Is this the guy who has homicide charges.
  18. Aikman would have been even more of a manager. Montana would have been too.
  19. Is this the jimmy Nelson that played for the brewers.
  20. This will really be a benefit to gambling industry. I'm sure they did studies where people will spend more money using this kind of league.
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