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  1. Is this the jimmy Nelson that played for the brewers.
  2. This will really be a benefit to gambling industry. I'm sure they did studies where people will spend more money using this kind of league.
  3. I've used this with the same RBs. Carson, gaskin and Davis. After top Ten at most they all seem the same or questionable.
  4. This guy might be the safest pick. Josh Allen depends on this guy. He is his money maker.
  5. Todd Gurley was an all pro rb. He's just another rams rb. Todd Gurley wasn't.
  6. Really. You are basing their performance from where they where drafted.
  7. Rank him ahead of henry. Henry don't catch passes much and won't run for 2,000 yards again.
  8. Me too. Henderson had a better ypc. How much better will the offense be with Stafford.
  9. This is what I was saying. Mixon and Akers ahead of him. Hes proven he can do it.
  10. Top 5 qb. No not talking about fantasy or running.
  11. Super flex and premier te. People get bored quick.
  12. NoHe was a rookie and did good. Wentz might hurt the run game a little. If rivers was qb top 10 pick. I got him ranked right with Aaron Jones. Solid RB1. Then the group of Mixon, sanders, eckler, ect I don't like as much after them.
  13. What did kamara do when Brees was injured. Brees retiring probably hurts Michael Thomas more. Kamara isn't going to rush for 16 TDs again this season.
  14. He can be had at a good price. Probably means he will get a little more work.
  15. He did average 15 points a game in the games he did play. It wasn't pretty.
  16. That's why I like drafting a little early. Matthew berry and the gang will soon be touting him and others. You can also get devonte Adams in the second sometimes.
  17. Even if he isn't he is the WR1 on the team and they will have to do some passing.
  18. Just my opinion. Bengals offense might not be as good as touted it might be the defense is so bad the offense plays catch-up.
  19. Honestly after cmc, cook, kamara, Henry, Elliott and aaron Jones there is a lot of opinion on who is next. I like Akers better than Sanders, dobbins, Mixon. I'd rather maybe wait and draft Carson, montgomery or gaskins.
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