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  1. Stanton in the OF today... So I'm guessing Voit will DH when back. The Yankees were saying that they planned on Stanton playing OF more regularly anyways. I just don't see how they keep Voit's bat on the bench.
  2. I don't see Tampa throwing him in to high leverage situations immediately. Wouldn't be surprised if Tampa just runs with a committee between Springs/Kittredge/Rasmussen. It will be interesting to see what they do. I'd imagine that Fairbanks will be done until mid/late September if there is any rotator cuff strain.
  3. Chavis to the Pirates... definitely helps playing time for Duran.
  4. I understand that logically a team will keep the extremely hot bat in the lineup. My only concern is that the playing time gets really muddy when all the infielders are healthy and SF had no problem choosing others over Wade last time, even when he was hitting .265/.344/.470. Not to mention that Wade has really only been extremely hot in the past 5 games or so. Small sample size. So essentially you see him sticking in the lineup at 1B against righties and the real casualty of the busy infield (when La Stella and Longoria return) will be at 2nd base where La Stella/Solano/Flores will be competing for playing time? And when Belt comes back Wade will get regular playing time in OF? I'm trying to piece this together. I have the opportunity to grab from a few of the Giants but looking for something that should be good beyond the next couple of weeks. Assuming that Wade doesn't keep up this kind of pace that he has the past week (which he won't - to this extent) then I think this might be a poor option for long term purely because of questionable playing time. Probably worth trying to ride the wave at the moment though. Just for everyone's reference: Since Wade's last call-up until the all-star break (June 25-July 11): 13 GP / .206 AVG / 5 runs / 3HR / 6 RBI From the all-stair break to today (July 16-July 25th): 10 GP / .323 AVG / 7 runs / 5HR / 10 RBI Also, 4 out of the next 7 games against lefties. So next week or so might not be all that great.
  5. La Stella and Longoria are returning soon too. I'm wondering how the crowded infield is going to affect Wade. He was the one sent down last month (June 21) when Dickerson returned to the outfield, even though Wade was hitting very well at the time. I'm thinking we see something similar again. Even if he stays up he won't be batting consistently.
  6. Sox facing lefties for 6 of their next 7 games. Lets hope he sticks in the lineup.
  7. I really don't know what point you're trying to make. I'm not arguing you on anything you said. You seem bothered. You gonna be ok?
  8. He would have been nearing a return if he had started throwing and been given a clean bill of health around the All-Star break. Unfortunately we've been kept in the dark regarding his progress so there's been nothing to do but guess if he is healthy or not. Still no news on throwing yet, other than him playing catch last weekend. What a frustrating year. Could have really used this guy down the stretch.
  9. My god. 19 strikeouts in his last 10 games along with 3 hits and one homer.
  10. Sigh... News from today: "Shane Bieber was transferred to the 60-day injured list to make room on the 40-man roster for Hill, per the team. Bieber has been out for 39 days with a subscapularis strain. When he went on the injured list (June 14), it was not at all clear how long Cleveland would be without their ace. The earlier’s he’ll now return is three weeks from today around August 15th."
  11. You could also argue that Cora was just riding the hot hand and went with a similar lineup to the one that beat the Blue Jays the night before as quite a large underdog. I think he liked how they roughed up Ray and was hoping for the same thing against Montgomery. Either way, let's hope that Duran puts on a show over the next few weeks and makes the Sox not think twice about putting him in the lineup full time.
  12. Nah. But this will probably affect someone in the outfield since Meadows won't be DH anymore. ...but it is the Rays so all logic goes out the window.
  13. Not a surprise, he has visibly been making horrible contact for the majority of the year. All that the xBA tells me is that he needs to makes adjustments to his swing because we know the potential for him is there (judging by his 2018 and 2019 numbers). Hopefully his June hot streak was a result of that and he can find it again. That said, so far since the all-star break.... 1 for 16 with 10 strikeouts. Not looking good. They have the Mariners and Angels up next. If he can't get anything going by Aug 1st then I'm definitely joining you in cutting him off.
  14. I guess we will find out tomorrow since they are going up against Montgomery, another lefty. I have a feeling he will just bat lower in the order against most lefties and move back up higher when they are against righties.
  15. Lefties are brutal against Ray so this comes as no surprise.
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