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  1. In one of my leagues we have a special mid-season tourney, and the winner of the tourney gets one 'free range pickup' for the next season. All of our waivers are waiver requests on Wednesday nights, and there are no first come, first serve waivers. The 'free range' pickup means that one time during the season, the owner who won can make a pickup at any time without going through waivers. Said owner hasn't used it yet, and I'm curious to see if he spends it on Josh.
  2. You are correct. Broncos vs. Patriots 2012 Playoffs
  3. Tyrell Williams is an ok/average NFL WR. But the NFL is currently flooded with good to very good to great NFL WRs. When his time comes around in drafts, there's always several other WRs I'd rather have than him. When he gets drafted by someone else a few picks later, I never think they made a mistake by picking him, but rather just missed an opportunity. I'd take him as a late pick in best ball only.
  4. Fun Fact, Hoodie once won a playoff game where their leading rusher was a tight end.
  5. Funny, you just did exactly that My argument was (and still is) this: In any drafts where teams go RB-heavy early (i.e. most of them), you have to force yourself to take RBs ahead of WRs who are objectively better. Jefferson and Swift were just examples, no more.
  6. Uh, THREE fantasy relevant WRs. Despite being a distant third in targets among the WRs, Curtis Samuel had 77 catches and over 1,000 total yards. He actually outscored DJ Moore in ppr. But Teddy B clearly doesn't play favorties, as shown by today's Mildly Interesting Stat of the Day: PPR points per game, 2020: Curtis Samuel: 14.14 Robby Anderson: 14.13 DJ Moore: 14.10 That ranked 27th-29th for WRs, just behind Marvin Jones and just ahead of Cooper Kupp
  7. Do not listen to this man. This is NOT how you draft a good team. Sorry, it's just math. First of all, it almost ALWAYS makes sense to draft a WR over RB if they are similar. The RB has a higher chance of missing time and getting injured. Adams and Tyreek are top level guys who are better risks than CMC or Cook, but you probably wouldn't take them #1. Jefferson is a better pick than Swift, objectively. Let's just put some numbers on it and say that Jefferson is a 90 and Swift is an 80. If you take Swift, you have a good chance of getting an 80 WR in the next round. If you take Jefferson, you probably have to settle for a 65 RB in the next round. In this case, it's close based on who you'd take in round 3. But it gets worse as the draft goes along. Let's say in round 3 you take Mahomes. Now, in round 4, the WR choices are still pretty decent say 70-75), but if other teams are scrambling for RBs and they're flying off the board, you're getting desperate (you may have to take a 50) The idea that Jefferson is better than Swift so you should just take him, period, is the draft advice you should not listen to. It does make sense, and if I was betting I'd bet on more points from Jefferson, but simply put, that's not how fantasy football drafts work. You don't win fantasy football by getting the player who scores the most points in round 2, you win by getting the most points from your whole team.
  8. So you have 2 teams in 2 of the leagues then? Or 3 teams in 1 of them? I have one league that has two separate conferences, and I have a team in both. (this one is mirrored after the NFL, and we use NFL team names. We have 8 owners who have both an NFC and AFC team) I also have a 56 team league with four separate conferences, and I have a team in two of them.
  9. Yea, that's sort of my point. Your argument seems to be that a rookie QB on a defensive minded team with very limited offensive skilled position players is likely to outscore a team with a near top 10 QB. I think that Patriots will be better than the Raiders, but I think the Raiders will score more offensive TDs. It seems as if Billy B is trying to recreate the early Brady era with Mac Jones as a winning game manager. By the way, I'm not 100% sure on this, but it's certainly not hard to argue.
  10. Sort of. In any drafts where teams go RB-heavy early (i.e. most of them), you have to force yourself to take RBs ahead of WRs who are objectively better. Sure, you're not going to get a Jefferson in rounds 5-7, but you'll be able to get any number of WRs who will come a lot closer to Jefferson's production moreso than you'll be able to get a decent RB to come close to Swift's. In the current draft I'm in, we're heading into round 9-ish (we keep 5 and we're heading into round 4 of the draft). The WRs available are Antonio, Corey Davis, Fuller, Mike Williams, Boyd, Mooney, etc, while the RBs left are Penny, Ingram, Justin Jackson, Murray, and Drake. (It's a weird keeper league where rookies can be kept the vets drafted now can't, so rookies go really early, which is why there is so much talent.) There's always a lot more decent WR talent to had in the middle than RB talent, so you have to force yourself to get those RBs.
  11. I could write a novel on the number of unlucky things that have happened to me in fantasy football over the years, I think we all could. But I should acknowledge when I do get lucky - in just the past few days in my TD-heavy league I drafted Gus and Damien Harris, both of whom have seen their value increase since I took them.
  12. Hard to argue with this I mean, it's not that hard to argue. The Raiders scored 48 offensive touchdowns last season while the Patriots scored just 32.
  13. I picked him up right after Dobbins got hurt, based on this guy's comment: If you're keeping score, my hit rate is now up to 18%.
  14. Yea, I know that NOW. Why didn't you tell me then? 😃 It's ok, I just picked Harris in one of my other leagues. I'm in 5 leagues and have 7 teams, so I like to spread it out anyway. I have Harris in my one non-ppr, touchdown-heavy league. I have a strong team so I won't need him early and I'm thinking in the second half of the season, Jones will take over and Harris' goal line chances will increase. Do you concur?
  15. I don't think the Ravens need to get another RB. Sure, they might try to make a splash with Gordon or someone, but I'm betting that Gus will take Dobbins' role and they'll give the former Gus role in-house to Ty'son Williams.
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