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  1. Your RBs are Taylor & Swift? Please tell me your team name is Haters.
  2. I mean, that's fair. But, respectively, "you banked on a bunch of TD's repeating", vs "duh, he was on a downswing", vs "he lost a HoF QB!".... vs "he's injury prone", is all a wash in my book. Just meaning that, to me, they are all toss-ups. In Week 10-ish, we will look back on all of them & be like "well, you were stupid for taking RB-x with THESE warning flags". That's all I'm saying. But yes, your point is valid. "Injury prone" might be the ultimate red flag. I just don't think we know at this point. EDIT: I guess my ultimate point is: I hope I'm not in a position to choose among them!
  3. This is my take as well. At the point where you might take Saquan, you're looking at AJones, or Zeke, or Kamara, who all have question marks around them. Saquan is no better or worse of a gamble than any of them. Unless you wanna go WR or Kelce of course, which is viable.. They're all rolls of the dice. I mean, even CMC & Cook are rolls of the dice this year, given their injury history, & yet they are consensus 1/2 (which I don't dispute). You might win, you might lose - any of them are "league winners" and also could be "league losers" if their injury history recurs. We could look back on any of them & say "told you so". Saquan is in that mix. I just don't get the gnashing of teeth over which roll of the dice is better, to be honest.. Pick one, & roll with it.
  4. I feel like all these takes are valid, but also that Golladay will go much earlier than he's worth in drafts held closer to real kickoff, & he's just not worth the capital you'd spend at that point. He was barely worth that tier on the Lions - on the Giants, sure a 6th rounder is worth taking a chance as your "meh" WR 2 or an upside WR3/flex, & maybe he overperforms, but I'm gonna be very hesitant to touch him before the 6th. Or really any Giant outside of Saquan. JMO
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