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  1. Traded for Robinson yesterday. Need the former Buckeye to KILL till seasons end
  2. Same. Need a 30 spot...more excited to see what his role continues to be
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/lions-dandre-swift-suiting-up-as-expected/amp/ Fire him up fellas
  4. Whole team played bad...Kamara is a elite talent with the coach that will scheme to maximize his abilities out necessity.
  5. Everything is there for him to be useful flex if not more. Week 1 was a snoozefest of a game in general. Production in that passing game will be had and it cant all be to Diggs. Activately trying to pick this guy up in a trade while he's mute
  6. get him while you can. hope he's dropped in the leagues I don't have a share
  7. Got him in the 9th round in my 3 WR league. Cole out with a knee issue and Moore still getting acclimated helps the situation even more.
  8. What's the thoughts on him this week? Got Ekeler and wondering if I should pivot
  9. Took him at 3.03 in my league. 12 man. I love the volume this year but have always loved the talent. I think he's in a perfect situation to explode baring health. The options in the recieving game guarantee no stacked boxes. No gio means more work in the pass game. Glad to have him
  10. He really wasn't on my radar due to the spots I was picking at in leagues but got him at the end of 4th in my home league on Sunday. He'll give me a reason to watch lions games
  11. If I've missed on the top 3 TEs I've been just doubling down on Higbee and Jonnu. 1 of them are going to pop off this season imo. Did it the year Delanie Walker and Jordan Reed broke out. Both good situations and great values
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