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  1. I think he definitely can go second. After Altuve and before Murphy. I was always intrigued with his power for a middle infielder. The avg and obp are a blessing this year. Does anybody think there will be a huge regression in avg and obp next year?
  2. In my dynasty you can draft anybody you want, contracted or not BUT post draft you cannot sign/ add a person to your major/minor roster until they appear in the Yahoo universe. To answer the question, "what is stopping me from drafting myself?", I say go ahead and waste a draft pick. In the end you are only allowed to keep a finite amount of your roster and if you are willing to hold Player A for an indefinite period of time then so be it. But to get back on track everybody has listed pretty much all future prospects but I will go out on a limb and say Cal Quantrill pending
  3. Odubel, Trout, Cargo, Jackie Bradley Jr, Dustin Pedroia, Joe Ross, Steve Matz, Thor, Polanco.....and that is just who is injured now in my last week before playoffs in a week I need to win to make it. Prior to this week at points during the year: Bumgarner, Sabathia, Urias, Marte, Gary Sanchez This is a dynasty league and I have guys like this because really this forum helps me draft all the good prospects. It is not a shallow league and is highly competitive. I went from dead last to 8th but all year I have been scrambling for players to replace injuries an
  4. Kingery was a huge pickup due to this board. I tend to lean on the board for the prospects ranked 50+ that have upside to climb the rankings by end of year. All the wonderful members are excellent with their insight and knowledge. I appreciate it all! I most appreciate them changing my mind from wanting to draft Hader in front of Acuna this year
  5. If he could limit walks and the long ball just slightly his ratios would be so much better. I've been a fan of him since before he was called up for that magical playoff game (dynasty owner here since his minor league days). I get the feeling that in the minors they aren't as selective with pitches and would swing a lot at balls off the plate and now he gets backed into a corner and behind in the count and gets punished when he HAS to throw a strike. He does show flashes of brilliance he just needs to put it all together and keep it together on a consistent basis IMO
  6. Kingery.....long shot to come directly out of spring training with a spot but if he continues it shouldnt be too long
  7. McCutchen just left the game with a left knee injury. Hurt during secondary lead
  8. I have a 12 team dynasty and I drafted him this pre-season. Whenever I hear that hes dropped or he is available I really wonder the league settings or what would cause him to be unowned. I just feel he should have been owned latest mid-May. I just hope his trajectory continues upward. I haven't been this excited for a prospect I've owned with a meteoric rise since......Julio Urias....................i just shed a tear for Julio
  9. Whenever I hear the bust chatter for prospects I just think about Trout. He was nothing special his first few short cups of coffee, now look at him. Yes I acknowledge there are others who were busts and stayed that way but if the struggles are at the MLB level I am inclined to give a longer leash giving what hes been doing in the minors and how quickly he has ascended and maintained productivity
  10. No. Chris Sale played on the White Sox for years and maintained his elite fantasy AND real life value. Bumgarner still helps in wins, era, whip and ks.
  11. Syndergaard, Bumgarner, Trout, Matz, Descalfani, Sabathia, Marte, Cargo, Gary Sanchez, Pedroia all been injured. Combined with Polanco, Edwin, Joe Ross and Matt Moore being absolute trash (Edwin isnt bad lately) my dynasty team is a pile of steaming garbage.
  12. That kind of backs his point up of you basing things on one random season. Dee Gordon was never that high avg hitter before that year. He is just as fast now. Steroids do not help you hit the ball any better you still need pitch recognition, film study, batting practice etc. Dee Gordon is who we thought he was. Some players get hot for a year and then go back to being who they are. Regardless lets just wait and see.....no use continuing to argue about this until Marte plays and you can come to a conclusion then (probably not this year though as he wont have that many games. Too sm
  13. You leave him alone!
  14. I believe he can post up and he is an above average defender ( I use that term loosely in the modern NBA). He has a four game week I will give him another chance. My team is not built to win rebounds so if he is useless I'll cut bait for someone else to strengthen the cats I am normally strong in.
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