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  1. I got Swift in round 4. Unfortunately I took CEH in round 3.
  2. This guy has 3 tds so far. That's 3 more tds than all the good players with 0 tds combined! No respect.
  3. Probably going to play Pitts and Gronk this week. 12 team 2 flex league and I just don't trust CEH anymore.
  4. Rogers looks like a decent stream today. Anyone seen him pitch or know much about him?
  5. arguably one of the best TEs ever and crickets. got him in the last round of my draft and its likely he'll get to 10 tds this year. 6 tds in his past 3 games.
  6. I think he means he's talented because he made the NFL but he's not that special because he sucks as an nfler.
  7. doesn't this guy get injured literally every game?
  8. sucks all game and caps it off with a fumble to lose his team the game
  9. at least he tried to grab it with his feet lmao
  10. mahomes never even looks at him for a pass out of the backfield
  11. Should have never trusted a dude with a snout ring with my 5th overall pick.
  12. What's Pollard's contract? EE is an embarrassment.
  13. I think Brown and Thielen would offer the most consistency. Evans seems to have a lot of 20 yard games.
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