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  1. Yeh I wasn't sure where to post it, I'll go into that section of the forum, its 2 WR's, 2 RB's and then 2 of either.
  2. Sorry just on the sleeper platform in a casual draft that uses the standard scoring system, my team is QB (Murray, Tannehill), RB (Mixon, Carson, Robinson, Davis, Mostert), WR (Hill, Claypool, Woods, Anderson, Jones), TE (Andrews), K (Gould), DEF (Broncos)
  3. Hi, my first year doing fantasy and don't know a whole lot about NFL so trying to learn, but I've already dropped Mostert for Mitchell, thoughts on making space for Shepard or Kirk, atm my WR's are Hill, Jones, Woods, Anderson and Claypool. In a 8 team PPR league.
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