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  1. Is it happening today??!!! Starting, worth add to get ahead of the crowd since it’s an early game if you have a bench warmer.
  2. Who you rather have for the rest of season - Josh Richardson or Joe Harris? was hoping for better stocks from Richardson, but the fg% hit sucks. With Dinwiddie out, thinking Joe gets a bit more usage.
  3. I have too many point guards and trying to round my squad out to pickup Mikal Bridges for some stocks. Current guards include harden, Morant, fox, rozier, and white. I’m down to white and rozier and leaning towards the latter. Any help. WHIR.
  4. Decent line in the second half after sucking in the first. He did get a steal and block but these stocks are few and far in between. I plan to bale for James Johnson or Mikal bridges on my wire.
  5. Currently have Giles but don’t see much stocks from him. James Johnson is on waivers, and he’s picking it up lately and getting dimes and stocks. Who you rather have ROS
  6. If your playoff start Monday, then i would pull the trigger. Kat is out and not sure how long and Russell is the best player but may sit in b2b (if any). booker, Bledsoe, and ag is good depth. Good luck
  7. E. Payton in my FA. Drop Nunn or James Johnson for him?
  8. I’m leaning to Slayton over AJ Brown because of the matchup on Miami, but brown is the better talent. Stick to slayton?
  9. With howard out is Sanders the preferred start over singletary due to matchup or worry about Doug Peterson’s rotations?
  10. Different positions but I’m seeing Paschall’s game as a poorer version of Jabari Parker,but with less reb. Huerter starting to heat up and looking finally like Thompson lite. Drop Paschall for Huerter?
  11. I have both. While it’s not about ros for me... this week I’m picking Singletary. Full point ppr, and seems like Singletary gets more targets. I feel like when I am about to trust Monty, naggy will nag and we’ll see him pull in Cohen. ros, I like monty’s schedule but the nagging factor remains, so this week is critical to see Singletary’s usage. Gl
  12. Nice start so far. By-product of IT2 moving to starting lineup? He’s crushing it with 2 steals already and 5 boards and counting. Definitely watching and may drop E. Paschal for him.
  13. Will be interesting to see what he does if Simmons suspended and Richardson out in the next game!
  14. WCS as noted but The other question is if Rozier is better than Ja Morant or VanVleet.
  15. Green is streaky, but you always get something, it’s like roulette. I would keep green for the 4 game weeks for the blowup 3’s and other lottery stats. If you still have prince, he’s the drop, else I stay put.
  16. Prince doesn’t seem to have a high usage and liking the defensive stats from thybulle who also seems to be getting more minutes. Any reason to keep Prince.
  17. Seems to have Stevens trust: https://www.boston.com/sports/boston-celtics/2019/10/26/grant-williams-celtics-raptors has today and maybe next game to prove more PT.
  18. Celtics rookie selected with 22nd overall pick in draft. 6’6 PF, that got more playing time than Time Lord and even small ball 5 last night. Do we have a Draymond Light here as he can guard almost any position and has a high motor? Will be watching today as the Celtics May give him more time again than the other bigs. Ready to drop time lord for him if so...
  19. It’s a good point. I should try to package Teague instead. Just not high up on him and he fell to me in the 9th.
  20. Got too many PG - harden, fox, Rozier, morant, teague. got offered his t. Bryant/J Collins for my vuc/Rozier. My other bigs are JJJ and Bam. Good trade?
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