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  1. Think probably stick with bell. Jets have a great fantasy schedule after facing jacksonville and Darnold will look closer to what he was in the dallas game which will only help bell.
  2. Hey I'm in a 10 team 0.5 PPR league. Chase Edmonds, Ty Johnson and Desean Jackson are available. I have $65 for my FAAB. This week I'm playing the guy who has Kerryon and he has $60 FAAB. How much would you spend on each or who would you prioritize? QB1 - Josh Allen QB2 - Andy Dalton WR1 - Tyreek Hill WR2 - Julian Edelman RB1 - Aaron jones RB2- Josh Jacobs TE - Hunter Henry W/R/T - Kenny Golladay W/R/T - Terry Mclaurin K - Justin Tucker (bye) Bench - Ezekiel Elliott (bye) Bench - Lamar Jackson (bye) Bench - Mark andr
  3. I'd stay put as well. Penny is a better handcuff than Gus Edwards or Duke Johnson. I don't think Carson will lose out to Penny but Carroll is known to do crazy things at times so protect your investment in Carson unless theres something better in your free agent pool.
  4. Its a 10 team 0.5 PPR league. Would drop Brown for one of wither Darnold or Josh Allen. QB1 - Lamar Jackson QB2 - Andy Dalton WR1 - Edelman WR2 - DJ Moore RB1 - Ezekiel Elliott RB2- aaron jones TE - Mark andrews W/R/T - Josh Jacobs W/R/T - Ronald Jones Bench - Tyreek Hill Bench - Kenny Golladay Bench - AJ Green Bench - John Brown Bench - Terry Mclaurin
  5. I'm in a 2 QB league and i currently have Andy Dalton as my QB2. Darnold and Josh allen are available. Who would you pick as your QB2 for ROS? Thanks everyone.
  6. I think it's close as well and would only pick the side with tatum because of the upside
  7. Just started a midseason points league and i have two empty spots to use to pick up guys off the first waiver wire. How would you rank the following guys: Dario Saric, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, Josh Richardson. Thanks for your help!
  8. hmm, thats a tough one. It's tough to trust Martin even against Miami but I do believe that the offense will actually open up with Fitzpatrick in. I think Darkwa should get good opportunities given he's playing KC and the weather dictates they'll be running a lot. I'd love to say Burkhead but we all know you can never trust the Pats with RBs I think I'd go with Darkwa
  9. I was offered Jared Goff + Evan Engram + Emmanuel Sanders for Travis Kelce, Ezekiel Elliott, Alex Collins. Should I do it? It's a 12 team 0.5 PPR league and my team is in my sig (my best QB is Eli Manning/McCown, weak WR corps)
  10. Who would prefer to have for the rest of the season in a 0.5 PPR league? Amari Cooper or Emmanuel Sanders?
  11. My team has been decimated by injuries and I'm trying to work out a trade. I'm in 0.5 PPR league with my team in my sig. In this trade I'd get Jared Goff, Evan Engram and Amari Cooper/Emmanuel Sanders for Kelce, Ezekiel Elliott and Burkhead or Collins? Two questions: 1. Should I take back Amari Cooper or Emmanuel Sanders 2. Should I give Alex Collins or Rex Burkhead
  12. That's my roster listed in the sig. Basically nobody (Eli Manning / Jacoby Brisett / Josh McCown. Scraps on the wire: Jay Cutler, Trubisky, Hundley
  13. My team has been decimated by injuries and I've been offered Jared Goff and Evan Engram for Travis Kelce in a 0.5 PPR league. Would you accept or reject this trade offer?
  14. Bye week pains. Need to start 3 of 4 from Aaron Jones (vs. NO), Austin Hooper (at NE), Alex Collins (at Minn), Wendell Smallwood (vs. Was). Thanks!
  15. Bye week pains. Need to start 3 of 4 from Aaron Jones (vs. NO), Austin Hooper (at NE), Alex Collins (at Minn), Wendell Smallwood (vs. Was). Thanks!
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