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  1. The bigger issue will be for those teams that made claims, but have Gurriel jr, or others that I'm not aware of, coming off the IL this morning... I put in claims with empty slots, now he's active..I have a feeling that yahoo is going to screw some due to this issue..such a great site cough, cough....can't believe there are soo many that pimp that site as being one of the best for fantasy...it SUCKS.. It was designed for kindergartners...player elig is a joke, anyone can gain elig anywhere, all they have to do is pass by a position and presto, elig for life....Every year there's som
  2. What exactly had Lament done that Severino hasn't? Just look at both of their player pages, if anything, Lament hasn't done squat, last season: sure, 69ip with a nice era, but his other 2 seasons that he played were partial seasonshttps://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/10703/ AND, Severino is 2 yrs younger, has been in the league with a track record: https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/9879/
  3. Bump.......League is in it's 8th season with a great group, so we're in it for the long haul.
  4. Can also DM me if any questions. Thanks again Mike
  5. League going into our 8th season on yahoo. We use proboards for minor rosters of 20 prospects and for all off-season transactions. Active, fun league with 1 orphaned team Owner faded us and we're in the first round FYPD and it's your pick. Short list, Team has: Eloy, Seager, Moncada, Cole, Bieber, prospects: Lux, Adell, Gore, Hunter Green, Royce Lewis..... Here's the link to the team: https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/10427/6/team?&date=2021-02-16&stat1=S&stat2=S_2020 Leave message here if interested Thanks
  6. Hope this turns out ok for this kid, there's been a lot of pressure on him to meet expectations. I remember when Greinke dealt with the same issues after he was drafted in '02. He took 2 years off to gather himself.
  7. It's a dynasty, you don't look at the snap shot, you look at the portrait...Tucker is the long term choice..
  8. If it's daily, send me the link and I'll give it a look..Bassinnpoker@gmail.com
  9. I live waaayyy out in the boonies in a Marina on a houseboat, and do you know who was making deliveries on July 4th and 5th? UPS was....hmmmmmm, I'm getting the feel that the owners are going to get the 48 game season that they wanted after all. These delays on tests are going to play right into their hands, great hiring job there on the delivery teams Manfred, just as instructed...unforeseen my 4th point of contact....
  10. He was out of options and the A's needed to clear a 40 man roster spot for 17 yr old SS phenom Puason. Without the trade, he'd have been put on waivers, and most likely claimed, this way, they at least got something for him. He still has upside, speed with a decent hit tool, but he just didn't fit in the A's future, especially with Laureano manning CF now, which is where Mateo might end up..
  11. Thanks for link, but I'm going to pass on this one.. best wishes..
  12. If it's still open: bassinnpoker@gmail.com..
  13. Do you have a link to view the team and league settings?
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