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  1. I named my one yahoo team name, Everybody Wants Some. after the movie with the same name. I love that movie.
  2. 3 outtings fro Matt Bush, 1 ER in each one. is he still worth speculating on for saves?
  3. dammit. I wanted Garcia to be the guy,
  4. Randy Dobnak with the save for the Twins, in a 15-6 win over the Red Sox. pitched 3 innings and gave up 5 ER, but he got the save. LOL.
  5. why is Bryan Garcia getting work in today's game. he just pitched 2 days ago.
  6. could be perception, but April always feels like a merry go round for closers, with many "falling off" as April continues, and then relievers settle in as the rest of the season continues.
  7. working on establishing his, comment. I guess he had something to say.
  8. isn't the only reason Devenski was in, was because Ginkle already pitched, Soria was in the 8th, holding back Ginkle for the 9th?
  9. not sure if this has been asked, but in yahoo fantasy baseball when signing up, is salary cap the same as what was known as auction?
  10. isn't there a list somewhere with average HR distance for players in 2020, and I would imagine this would impact those with smaller distance more than those that crushed the ball more.
  11. where does Senzel play? depth charts have him on the bench, with Reds OF of Castellanos, Akiyama, and Winker. so much talent there with Senzel.
  12. Schilling should be in. he shouldn't be penalized for political beliefs. Bonds and Clemens will likely have to wait another year. maybe next year more voters will think they waited to full 10 years.
  13. he gone. non tendered by the Cubs. didn't Schwarber have insane trade value a few years ago? wasn't Schwarber in the OF (from catcher) a reason the Cubs then traded away Eloy Jimenez? now, poof, he gone.
  14. he gone. I remember back in 2016 being attacked for being against Mazara.
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