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  1. not sure if this has been asked, but in yahoo fantasy baseball when signing up, is salary cap the same as what was known as auction?
  2. isn't there a list somewhere with average HR distance for players in 2020, and I would imagine this would impact those with smaller distance more than those that crushed the ball more.
  3. where does Senzel play? depth charts have him on the bench, with Reds OF of Castellanos, Akiyama, and Winker. so much talent there with Senzel.
  4. Schilling should be in. he shouldn't be penalized for political beliefs. Bonds and Clemens will likely have to wait another year. maybe next year more voters will think they waited to full 10 years.
  5. he gone. non tendered by the Cubs. didn't Schwarber have insane trade value a few years ago? wasn't Schwarber in the OF (from catcher) a reason the Cubs then traded away Eloy Jimenez? now, poof, he gone.
  6. he gone. I remember back in 2016 being attacked for being against Mazara.
  7. Osuna hurt tonight, and wasn't available last night.
  8. if Osuno has to miss time, Pressly is next?
  9. I hate closers, I hate them. SOB ruining ERA/WHIP losers. is Buttrey next?
  10. this season is a clusterfu**. how can anyone even play fantasy baseball seriously, just have fun and take chances. I'm only in 2 public yahoo leagues because my keeper league decided not to play.
  11. I assume this is something new for this season in public yahoo leagues, along with using waiver wire budget. when the add is processed, that player is added to your team for that day? in the past when you added a player on waivers, he wasn't on your team until the following day.
  12. countseth if you could update this with any new players confirmed to be out that would be great.
  13. I don't know if this was asked, but how would yahoo work in games played for position eligibility that would then carry over to 2021? even in a shortened season would players still need 5 games started or 10 games played in order to get that eligibility for this season and then to carry over that position for next season? it would be better if players could carry over whatever position they finished with in 2019 into 2021 regardless of how 2020 plays out. for example I doubt Mike Moustakas is going to play 3B for the Reds in whatever the season looks like, but because this season will be
  14. he could want to play and be motivated to get his mind off his wife. he is in a better position with Arizona.
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