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  1. Got called up. Played in a game last night. Still not in the Yahoo system or ESPN.... What do y'all think about him for the ROS?
  2. Is Pagen still safe as the closer for Tampa?
  3. Yeah id like to know that too. In a daily league and I scooped him and started him today with the double header going on...
  4. Yahoo still has him listed as being on the Rays 😂
  5. Yea that move to AAA was surprising. Hope he comes up soon haha
  6. What are the chances of him coming up in Sept? He is sitting there in my redraft league and I have an open NA spot. Kid looks like he will be a stud as a pro.
  7. Bump And is he going to start again vs BAL??
  8. I wonder what exact time he will be added? Im in a 12 team no waiver league and I want to stash him as soon as he is added haha.
  9. Where would he play/who would he replace if/when he gets the call?
  10. Since McKay is finally getting the Pitcher version added on Tuesday. Does anyone know the exact time he will be added in a non waiver league in yahoo?
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