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  1. You get more clicks with "Hand gets job back"
  2. Lux not a prospect, agreed, Busch is their next second sacker. Madrigal 1? Then you have him over at least two of Downs, Gonzalez, and Brujan?
  3. 100 may be too conservative, but not a number worth dissing. The important takeaway here is if you took a chance on him and you're getting 100 innings, let's get many of them in April and May so we aren't carrying a pine rider for too long right out the gate. Huge win on that note.
  4. Might help you get him for a lower price. Did for me.
  5. We should all eat six man rotations for breakfast, to cut them down to four or five.
  6. Agree with OP with a little less enthusiasm here. Could have kept him twice at $16. Tossed him back, thought he would go for around that. So when he comes up I hit a real soft spot in the draft and start "price enforcing" (apparently on myself) and get him for $11. What's not to like? Dang. Plus he's OF in Y! All systems go - for at least the first PA.
  7. I can't wait to feast on his .220 30-80 Khris Davis (of old) Jr line.
  8. Use NFBC ADP to help streamline your ranks, a nip here and a tuck there. I have saved myself from burnout this predraft season by doing just that. It's also an excellent way to grade your own research. Inevitably you have a few guys way high and low that you want to tug back toward the mean even if just by a buck or two. Also delineating between 1, 2 and 3 dollar guys can make a big difference if you get your preranks sewn up really tight.
  9. If you are in a Yahoo league, this guy has to be a deep sleeper. He is C elig at Y!
  10. Taillon Montgomery Dunning Pearson Cease Singer Skubal Mize It being for 2021 only and an AL I lean to proven compilers getting extra value at this point in draft to lessen the damage from back end SPs. Also quality team is a boost. Montgomery probably fits as well right here as he does anywhere.
  11. Acuna - Harper - Bauer - Springer - Nola/Castillo Bauer is not quite as valuable as a bat because you are pretty strong in SP and not quite so much with bats.
  12. Piling on the "draft Arozarena" angle. Grisham is a bit of a conundrum. It would probably for me come down to letting go of Luzardo with one of those two, I would lean harder to losing Grisham but those projections sure are fond of him in 2021.
  13. Yes, a very strong point. I thought I bought Muncy at a discount at 18 last year, but it sure didn't feel like a bargain! Therefore, I'm half a mind that I can buy him at auction for 16-22, I would pay the $4 premium at the draft as I don't think at 18 he has $10 upside while Rodriguez if he holds the role could earn $10-15 if you're just looking at pure stats and ST DEV, which is how I usually roll. All of the responses have confirmed that these are close decisions and justify doing what fits my league so thanks to everyone for the great input.
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