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  1. He’s the hurry-up guy so this would have happened regardless of Wilson’s status.
  2. Rodgers recently talked up Stafford on the Pat McAfee show too. Also, Succop is a bum.
  3. He’s probably worth a stash just in case Williams and Jones both sit (though it’s looking like Jones will play).
  4. Koerner has him and Mahomes as the only tier-1 QBs of the week; I think I’m pretty close to believing that too (would probably still play with 1-2 guys like Rodgers over him still). Pretty sweet for folks that happen to have both guys in 2-QB / Superflex leagues!
  5. Shouldn't PIT have been fired up the past two weeks by that logic too?
  6. First place team eked into the championship game against me because his opponent’s Hunt and Steelers D completely crapped the bed. Steelers somehow losing to CIN means I likely won’t have Mahomes next week in the championship game; opponent has no Chiefs players. Also lost CMC, CEH and now Akers.
  7. Don’t think Finley will be asked to throw much - they’re going to play it ultra conservative and sit on this lead since PIT can’t score anyway.
  8. Getting Mahomes the MVP and Kelce the single-season yardage record may be the only hopes we have...
  9. Maybe, but him even being seen as a strong start in this matchup during championship week is way beyond where we were just a month or so ago.
  10. I think he enters the top-5 in rankings next week... maybe even top-3 along with Mahomes and Rodgers.
  11. I think he said flag, not ball. Still funny.
  12. You could do much worse at flex next week when TB plays DET.
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