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  1. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/17/rams-todd-gurley-usage-workload-touches-les-snead/


     “But again, there’s no spreadsheet. It’s how the flow of the game goes and it’s also, ‘Hey, where’s Malcolm Brown at? How has he run?’ Because there’s different styles of running against certain defenses. … And we’d definitely love to get Darrell Henderson involved because we drafted him with intent and he showed some explosion last week and we’ll continue to see him get experience on the field.”



  2. Here is how the league works.

    Q/W/R/T/Flex, .5ppr. Points league* (not H2H) 
    Draft order will be randomly generated once the league is filled.(Draft on Fri 8/30 at 9:30PM EST) 

    Accumulate as many points as possible every week. 
    At the end of Week 6, the 5 teams with the lowest points totals get cut from the league and all their players get sent to waivers. 
    The remaining 11 teams acquire those players (worst teams get the higher waiver priority). 
    At the end of week 10, the 4 worst teams get cut and players sent to waivers for the remaining 7 teams. 
    At the end of week 13, the 3 worst team get cut and players sent to waivers for the remaining 4 teams. 
    At the end of week 15, the 2 worst teams get cut and those players get sent to waivers. 
    This will leave 2 remaining stacked teams with the entire WW at their disposal. 
    Points will be reset to be even. 
    These two teams will battle it out and whoever scores the most points in week 16 will be crowned champion. 

    Challenge: You will have 20 roster moves throughout the season.

    Email me at saqib797@yahoo.com for an invite. 

    First come, first served. 



  3. Longstanding 16 team NFL team based dynasty league on Yahoo. (.5ppr) 

    In a nutshell. You chose an NFL team (available teams listed below). 

    You get full-season sole access to ALL of that teams players.

    Draft consists of players from the 16 unchosen NFL teams. FA pool is your players + players from the unchosen teams. 

    Live draft is MANDATORY and set for 8/28 at 10PMEST

    Complete Rules are in the message board. 

    Below are the available teams. There are some quality high powered NFL teams available. 

    NFC: {GB, DET} {TB} {PHI, NYG, WASH} {SEA, ARI} 

    Please email me at saqib797@yahoo.com for an invite. First come, first served. 

  4. 3 hours ago, sjm76 said:

    Guice is another guy that I'm avoiding in all of my leagues.  I read an article recently where he stated: "some days my knee feels fine but then other days it really hurts."  Not what you want to hear from a rb coming off major knee surgery.  Guice, Todd Gurley and Sony Michel are all on my do-not-draft list because all of them have had multiple serious knee problems.


    I think this is the link the OP was referring to.

    Later in the article, he clarifies that its just about listening to your body.

    I am all on-board with Guice, can't wait to see what he does in game action.

    Looking very good so far, lets hope for no setbacks. 

  5. .5 PPR league


    Paul Richardson v PHI - Projected shootout, best QB of the bunch, but many mouths to feed

    DeSean Jackson @ GB - Great Matchup, but 3rd option at best. Expecing alot of Evans.

    Emmanuel Sanders @ MIA - Good matchup, but probably a low scoring game. 


    Having a tough time with this one. 


    Any thoughts are appreciated.





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