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  1. How many picks would you pay to move up one spot in the 6th round to draft the next Tom Brady?
  2. Giving up a first, a first, and a third just to move up 9 spots? This is crazy.
  3. Roto blurb on March 9: "Tagging Godwin means Lavonte David and Shaq Barrett are going to enter free agency." Note to self: don't rely on the blurbs
  4. The picture has just come into focus. "This would end one of the ugliest, most protracted ownership battles in league history." That's why these stories of misconduct have been hyped up. It was just part of the war over ownership. This reminds me of when the Hawks were having an ownership feud and the losing side leaked the bogus Danny Ferry story. They succeeded in getting Ferry fired and crippling the franchise, with predictable assistance from the media.
  5. That's reasonable. Fitzmagic targets his playmakers.
  6. "Former Titans’ WR Corey Davis reached agreement on a three-year, $37.5 million deal that includes $27 million guaranteed with the New York Jets, per sources." per Adam Schefter. Not a good signing. He is 6'4" and a great leaper, so he's good at the jump ball. But not much else.
  7. Why did Bruce Arians lie about scrapping the offense?
  8. If it was working so well in Weeks 11 and 12, why did they scrap the offense during the Week 13 bye? Why did they even have a team meeting about the offense?
  9. FF has gotten more competitive over the years and the market has gotten more efficient. One of the few remaining advantages for good players is that so many people are just looking at numbers.
  10. Indeed. The change happened in Week 13 and was most pronounced in the Super Bowl.
  11. What a dumb signing! There go the Super Bowl hopes. Tampa won a ring because of a great defense and because they ditched Arians' scheme (which Brady isn't suited to) in favor of the dink & dunk system (which Brady is suited to). Godwin is of minor importance in this system.
  12. Florio is awful, and also a poster child for the media. The facts undermine his preferred narrative, yet he uses that very news report as a platform to advance his narrative (the one that just got undermined).
  13. The Texans won't get any credit in the media for being classy and letting JJ Watt pick his future team. Predictably, Rotoworld took a potshot instead.
  14. Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David , and Ndamukong Suh are unrestricted free agents. They have $28 million in cap space to work with, but some of that will go towards re-signing Chris Godwin and Gronk.
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