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  1. Florio is awful, and also a poster child for the media. The facts undermine his preferred narrative, yet he uses that very news report as a platform to advance his narrative (the one that just got undermined).
  2. The Texans won't get any credit in the media for being classy and letting JJ Watt pick his future team. Predictably, Rotoworld took a potshot instead.
  3. Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David , and Ndamukong Suh are unrestricted free agents. They have $28 million in cap space to work with, but some of that will go towards re-signing Chris Godwin and Gronk.
  4. It was easy to keep egos in check this season because they were hungry. It'll be much tougher now that they've won a title. But Brady is a unifier.
  5. Longtime NFL.com writer and member of the Around The NFL Podcast Chris Wesseling passed away Friday at the age of 46 following a battle with cancer. Wesseling is survived by his wife, Lakisha, and their son Lincoln. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-com-writer-podcaster-chris-wesseling-dies-at-age-46 Chris Wesseling was one of the builders of Rotoworld. A mentor to so many people. Simply a wonderful man. This is Pat, but it could be anyone who ever worked with him. Bad things to say about Chris did not exist. https://twitter.com/Rotoworld_FB/status/1358188668687679488
  6. Agreed. Elliott put up elite fantasy numbers the first 5 games. He was on pace to match Henry, Kamara, Cook. With 3 good OL back from injury next year, Elliott is easily in the top RB tier. As for Pollard, it's easy to post good ypc as a change of pace back. I love Akers next year but he looks like a good rather than great talent and he hasn't proven he can handle a bellcow role for a full season. He's an exciting second tier fantasy RB.
  7. Please re-read my post. I was looking at Stafford's 2019 numbers and projecting what he will do in 2021. Lions 2021 personnel is irrelevant to my post and this thread.
  8. In 2019, Stafford was on pace for 5000 yards / 38 TD / 10 INT when he got injured. That would have made him the #2 QB overall behind Lamar Jackson. Moving to the Rams gives him a slight talent downgrade at receiver but an obvious upgrade in game-planning and play calling. What about volume? Tough call.
  9. If Stafford's market value is cheap in 2023, then that means something has gone horrible awry.
  10. Apparently Watson is upset that they didn't interview Eric Bieniemy. Bieniemy's resume is carrying a clipboard for Andy Reid. His rapsheet is disturbing. I am surprised anybody wants to interview him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Bieniemy#Controversies
  11. Consulting a player on organizational moves is stupidity level 2. Announcing publicly that you're consulting a player on organizational moves and reneging? That's stupidity level 10.
  12. I've literally never liked a website update in my entire life and that streak continues.
  13. The big question is what to make of the hot stretch late in the season. Montgomery looked transformed and Trubisky was pretty good. But was it just a mirage created by horrible opposing defenses?
  14. The problem is that they owe him $40 million next year. Even worse, it's clear that their strategy of having a dirt cheap backup needs to change. Based on what I read and saw about his knee, I'm drafting underpriced Steelers if Ben returns.
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