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  1. Should I drop Wood for Gafford? Thanks!
  2. Should I trade Giannis and Zion for Luka and JJJ? 12 teams H2H 9 standard cats. Thanks!
  3. Should I trust Edmonds to be my RB2 and try to trade A. Jones for a TE such as Kittle? My TE is OJ Howard and really need to upgrade from him. 14 teams ppr Thanks!
  4. Who should I drop to stream DEF? T. Coleman C. Sutton M. Gallup 10 teams .5 ppr Thanks!
  5. I would give - Middleton and Levert I would get - Beal I'm trying to trade Levert because of his bad playoff schedule. Is it too much giving up for Beal or right price for him? 12 teams, h2h, 9 standard cats Thanks!
  6. I just got eliminated from the playoffs (only 4 out of 10 teams make playoffs) this week even though my team is the highest scoring team of the season... I lost by very slim margin a few times and my team has got hot too late...
  7. No B2B games from 3/15 to 4/1 when most playoffs are done. I think he will play every game during that time.
  8. Should I pick up K. Love for D. Favors or J. Collins? Is he coming back in 2 weeks? I clinched the 1st round bye and my playoffs will start in 2 weeks (3/19). Thanks!
  9. T. Evans was dropped in my league. Is he worth a #2 waiver? My droppable players are RHJ or D. Collison. Thanks!
  10. I'm glad that I took gambles on AD in both of my main leagues. It was just a week before Cousins got injured. I got him for Lowry/Gasol and Jokic/Tatum in a keeper league (Jokic will be a great keeper in my format). I had almost 200 points, 100 rebounds, and 20 blocks yesterday with AD, KAT, and Drummond (punting assists). I also just picked up Kawhi from WW. Hopefully I can win a championship when Kawhi and Millsap come back healthy.
  11. Just dropped Jabari for him. I hate to drop Jabari but I had to make this move... If Kawhi doesn't come back, I will just use the spot as a streamer during the playoffs.
  12. I will most likely clinch the 1st place with win this week. Should I pick up Wall and/or Love and stash them? Since I will have a bye, my playoffs will start at 3/19. My droppable players are Parker, Collins, and Favors. Thanks!
  13. Hopefully he plays all three games with limited minutes. At least I have AD, Mirotic, and Dipo. It will help my team a lot during the 2nd round of my fantasy playoffs.
  14. I don't think he will be shut down. He is a still young player and has to be more developed. If he is enough healthy to play, he will... hopefully...
  15. Finally... getting more minutes? 15 mins in the 1st half with 4 blocks and 1 foul. I believe points and rebounds will come along.
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