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  1. Ouch, that hurt. I understand kind of not wanting to start him against Minn and move him back a day since he may face them in the WC game, but to go ahead and start him and then take him out after around 70 pitches sucks for us that have him. At least 5 and he has a chance for a W.
  2. Anyone have any confidence running him out there against SF? He's passed waivers in my mixed roto league.
  3. Me too. He was pretty hot before hitting the DL, was cool coming right off, but he's heating up. Helps in a number of cats.
  4. "In a worst-case scenario, Yost said "Duffy could miss up to three weeks". "The club is still hopeful he could miss just one start." http://www.kansas.com/sports/article169667127.html Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/sports/article169667127.html#storylink=cpy
  5. Just picked him up in a 12 team mix since more playing time with Gomez out. 3 steals in 2 games. Can rack em up fast.
  6. Well, I hope it wasn't the same owner that has Lester and Ray as he may not being willing to trade a SPer now that Lester is out. I do think you should look for a top starter for Ozuna.
  7. 12 team mix roto 5x5 standard cats redraft I have Michael Taylor (starting, just picked up) and Brantley ( bench) and was wondering if anyone thinks Kiermaier is a better bet ROS over any of these two I currently have. I could drop a relief pitcher to get him, but they're all closers and don't want the competition to swoop in and get one. Could use SB but need to keep the average in the .270+ range to balance things out. Thanks WHIR
  8. Well, I missed on both Estrada and Ryu Would Chase Anderson be an upgrade over anyone I have ROS?
  9. Can't trust Lopez just yet even though I like the 2 starts I think you have to hold Maeda right now. So Maeda could possibly lose his spot and Lopez could be really really horrible.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking Ryu or maybe even Estrada who seems to have turned a corner lately and is coming off a very good year.
  11. I'm also in a H2H league and picked up Leiter, but if I don't see any more concrete info on him starting before game 1 today, then I will probably need to go back to a 2nd closer for the RP spot. The two closers are the safe bet right now unless you have time to wait for any update on Leiter
  12. 12 team mix roto 5x5 standard cats redraft My staff Paxton DL Santana Marquez Duffy Severino Available Estrada Ryu Vargas Nova Roark J.Gray R.Lopez Any of these pitchers an upgrade over any pitcher I have ROS? Thanks whir
  13. Just dropped Berrios for this guy and crossing fingers. He's pitched especially well for at least the last 30 days and is on a team that can get him wins.
  14. Castro is due back soon and is on the free agent list. Should I grab him now and drop Pedroia or hold? Thanks
  15. Flowers or McCann flip a coin. If you can afford to drop Manea he's been pretty bad lately unless word is that Contreras will be out much more than the 10 days.
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