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  1. How about Thomas Bryant in the second half? Anyone think his minutes are dependent on wiZ being out of the playoff picture ?
  2. what names do you see rising out of the ashes?
  3. This is it... this is the time dipo earns that Monopoly money! 3 games in 4 days ... I need that 2nd round production for the win!!!
  4. In my league, which is a points league .. the AD owner just traded him away for Drummond and Barnes .. I can't wrap my head around it .. what am I missing
  5. Where is she? I haven't seen her in a while ... I'm sure she's still fine as all outdoors .. and crazier that a bat
  6. What to do with this guy.. will he ever carve out a bigger role on this team? Why would they trade for him to not use him ... I'm considering dropping because Gibson doesn't seem to want to go away
  7. Last stop of this train. Getting off.. I can't see him having a fantasy impact .. today was his last chance to make an impression before butler arrives and I just don't see him showing enough ... adios!
  8. Same exact boat .. gotta wait till the official word on the injury is out tho
  9. All aboard!!! I just got him for free when I put my boogie on IR ... I like the sound of " take over a franchise" .. I watched all his preseason and summer league highlights .. he def has lots of skill and is electrifying!
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