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  1. Next politics/covid post is going to draw me out of my semi retirement and result in a vacation that lasts through the Superbowl. Govern yourselves accordingly.
  2. Baseball Prospectus did a top 400 in July, but nothing since then. They did a top 500 Dynasty player update each month of the season, most recent one was start of September. That has a good amount of the top 100 prospect guys on it too so far as seeing how they move. Not sure if those are free content, or subscriber only though. Edit: Checked, its subscriber only.
  3. Indeed, he wasnt exactly flashing top end form before the IL stint either.
  4. With the way a lot of teams have been bringing pitchers back off the IL (3-4 IP starts) Id almost be hesitant to two start him.
  5. Its gotta be fairly soon I imagine. Holding him down long enough buys them a year of service time, but I imagine it also provokes a great big grievance. I dont believe theres any real grounds for using the training site as a disciplinary fall back which is clearly what they are doing as its not performance related. Id think there would be strong ground for that grievance and as a result if thats hanging over his head it may suppress potential trade value even more so than the fact that his own team seems to hate him at this point.
  6. If a broken bone required surgery in the form of plates and screws that would have been done already. Hes far enough out now that it would require re breaking to do that. Also the 60 day DL is retro to when he was placed on it so he could be back before mid August, and was largely a procedural move for roster management.
  7. Jared Eickhoff too, people probably should have already moved on but some of us are dumb. (Guilty)
  8. Rough 1st for Plesac but he looks pretty sharp all things considered with no baserunners since 2nd batter of the game. 43 pitches, 32 for strikes.
  9. Spencer Howard was the same thing when he went on the IL for Phillies MiLB club. At best you get some nebulous report like "a shoulder issue", etc. But very rarely do you get anything concrete unless they end up having surgery or something.
  10. Believe it when it actually happens, that reeks of Boras speak to me.
  11. I think this was in the wrong Forum...
  12. I quoted Aguilars last 7 days, 2 weeks and 28 days. Hes been bad no matter what sample we're looking at this year. The long and the short I think we agree on the team is better with a productive Hiura and one of either Shaw/Aguilar waking up than it is with the two of them in the lineup.
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