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  1. Seahawks were never going to win this game with the Blakeman Boys doing everything they could to take possessions away from the hawks. It was decided before the coin was flipped. The sad part is that everyone loses here. We are forced to watch Sad Aaron get dismantled by the superior 49ers vs a rivalry game in division that would have had some real appeal. Oh well. Get ready for the worst Super Bowl in recent history, ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Guys, New York’s savior Danny Dimes is going to turn this team into a big fantasy output all season long. Gallman will receive the protection that comes from having an all world passing threat with wheels. Think Russell Wilson/Chris Carson but with receivers that are actually worth a s---. That s--- should get you harder than Jerry Sandusky on a Saturday afternoon inside a Chuck E Cheese. It’s just a six week stint but it’s imperative you spend the FAAB on this guy now. The situation is just TOOOOO SWEEEET
  3. Bruh just do the math on guys who have been on Madden covers - the curse is for real and you don’t want to be like the eight year old boy getting a special tour of the penn state locker room circa 2007 when Mahomes gets his knee ligaments turned into spaghetti. Danny Dimes has legit talent that doesn’t need to be boosted by all world speedsters who beat their baby mamas or a coach who looks like a walrus ate the Koolaid man. Danny’s making clowns with auto generated names like Sterling Shepard into stars. We might be looking down the pipe at the next Brady...you never know!
  4. Get on the Daniel Jones train NOW. With Saquon hurt and Giants being abominably s---y on D, he's going to be throwing all day. Golden Tate is coming back which will be a huge boost to this WR corps. I would even consider starting this guy over Mahomes in some situations - let's be real with Mahomes on Madden 20 you're counting your days until he gets RG3ed or worse (AB was on Madden 19 - you do the math). Don't miss out on the next big thing at the QB position, if you're in a superflex league you have for sure already lost out.
  5. Very much so. If they maintain their running style and hand Kamara 500 carries, he's going to break down quick. He's not a very big guy and not a bruiser type - Lat, on the other hand, is a giant brick ****house built like a linebacker. Even if they do attempt to give Kamara a lot of run he will break down quickly, creating a really nice situation for Lat. Sean's likes to run packages where pieces are interchangeable in order to throw off the D and control the speed of the game, so I think we see similar to last year which as we saw with Ingram sets the table for both running backs t
  6. As a registered dietician and analyzing things like his appearance over time in the minors and majors, gait while walking, etc it seems clear there’s evidence of acromegaly, either natural or synthetic. Hope the call up of Bichette helps motivate him to turn that pretty swing into real output as it does look like ownership is challenging him to step it up.
  7. The guy's got 7 HR and 6 steals over the last 30 days with two straight months of hitting over .280. He could very well slump but he's already outperforming expectations at this point. If this keeps up he'll be looking down the pipe at a 30/20 on the ceiling side.
  8. It was a bad day for Chapman today. I hate saves at a cost of metrics and the lowly Bluebirds took him to flavortown tonight.
  9. Guy got positively roasted today - hard to say if it's bc Twins got hot or Snell just lost it.
  10. Kyle [Gibson] looks great today...and gifted 7 runs early by his offense. Not the greatest strike to pitch ratio tonight so far, but still getting it done! He's been stellar since that first month or so.
  11. I don’t understand why people people give a crap about Zac Gallen as a #1 add when the hurlin Hawaiian has now had elite outings in three games including a repeat performance on one of the most patient teams and Philly, in Philly. Yamamoto should be a top player in any league. This guy might be a top 10 pitcher.
  12. It’s crazy that he is not in a higher leverage role though we shouldn’t be surprised with how bad the Bucs tank. They probably don’t want him winning them games.
  13. I agree to some extent, but as a fellow Cleveland fan, what if our guys had said this earlier about Shapiro/Antonetti, who both do just enough to not get fired? Hell, they've even gotten promoted to the highest levels getting by doing the bare minimum. It's not like Reddick/Keuchel are throwing their GM under the bus - they're just airing (valid) concerns about pitching down the stretch. There's also still time for them to get the waivers guys if I'm not mistaken, so if internally they didn't feel heard internally, maybe this is their only course of action.
  14. Houston needs to do all they can to get Verlander in the waiver period. Getting Verlander (who's been great the last few starts) is a no-brainer, but I think they'll have competition for his services from others, including Cleveland and New York. As a Tribe fan, I'd love to see Verlander come across Erie as I don't fully trust the health of Salazar (or the suckiness of Bauer/Tomlin) and fear we're looking down the barrel of the same issues that faced us during last year's WS (and much stronger competition from the AL East this year in Boston and Yankees). If Astros draw either Red
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