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  1. Exactly, should be back early.next week at the latest, pistons always have injuries so he should get all the minutes he can handle. Firm hold
  2. Scott is mostly owned but is clement worth a pick up?
  3. What the hell happened to this guy? Was a legitimate mvp candidate now he's going 0-4 in games where the team puts up 11 runs. Batting 100 last two weeks is he just getting super unlucky?
  4. Keenan Allen was just as injury prone till he wasn't. Hoping he finally plays 13-14 games
  5. Saquon is match up proof, my reason for taking him #1 is simply cmac has no where to go but down and saquon is still the most talented rb in football. 20 straight years the #1 fantasy player has yet to repeat but people are still saying cmac is a no Brainer. I'll always fade the guy coming off the career year. When Brady, Peyton and Mahommes all threw 50 TDs how did they do the following year? Same logic applies
  6. Vegas set the over under catches at 91 for juju, highest total after the first round WRs. the only concern is Ben's health, if he can stay on the field for 13-14 games I have no doubt juju will have a 90/1100/7 season
  7. For what its worth Vegas set the over under at 525 rushing yards and 7.5 touchdowns. Pretty optimistic totals, if he's anywhere near that he will be a good pick.
  8. Having the hardest deciding between him and the other WRs in his tier like juju, Galloday, Amari, kupp etc. Is anyone confident he outperforms all of these guys? The only thing I like is cousins clearly has a connection with him and he should get 140 targets in a full season
  9. I pick 1st In a 14 team ppr with 2 rb, 3 wr and a flex. I like the WRs more than the RBs on the turn. When youre staring at Thielen juju Galloday Cooper Moore vs Carson fournette Melvin Gurley and conner how are you guys approaching the 2/3 turn? I've been leaning going wr heavy and taking guys like Akers, James white and Rojo. Team would look something like RB Cmac RB ROJO WR Thielen WR Moore WR Landry FLEX Gallup/ White Would it be better to take the risk on that tier of rb instead of stacking WRS?
  10. Just curious for those with an early pick 1-4 is anyone targeting Lamar or mahommes on the 2/3 turn in 12-14 team leagues? If i had c Mac and Lamar I’d imagine that’s a pretty damn good floor but I’ve been “wait for a qb” pretty much my whole fantasy career.
  11. In a PPR are you taking Carson Conner And Gurley Over him?
  12. Exactly my thoughts, bell had the worst season he could possibly have barring injury and still was an RB2. It’s like a stock when you’re buying after a dip it’s only going to go up unless something catastrophic happens. We like to give players a 15% cut coming off career years for projections. Why not give bell a 15% increase coming off career lows? If bell sees a modest improvement across the board He should be a solid rb2 at his price
  13. With 3 weeks to go i don’t think you can wait out slumps with guys like soler or Suarez. There’s so many guys who are red hot On the wire I think I’m gonna Cut bait
  14. I’m in a 3 WR league with a flex so i feel like i can’t completely neglect WR in the first 3 rounds. And with 14 teams having two work horse RB would be more valuable assuming they both pan out. But i get your point that RB2s are much easier to get. I might just go super safe to start with Cmac thielen and woods and stock pile mid round RBs hoping one hits
  15. Can someone else drop him so I’m not alone
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