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  1. Is it likely they move him? Seems they want to hold him and move Bagley.
  2. Clippers thinking they can toss out Pat Bev, Lou Will and picks from 6 years from now to get more talent. They leveraged it all for PG, only way they get help is in the buyout market
  3. is anyone here interested in joining a free fantasy baseball ️ league in yahoo i need some managers its a PTS League with a live draft im hoping for 10 teams i only need 6 more.. here's the link if interested https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/101512/invitation?key=8d6923c6ad59d217&ikey=f78f33728bb7aed2&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk

    Thank You & Hope I see someone there

  4. Have to imagine that after over a week they’d clear protocols but who knows.
  5. True, but he seems to be smarter about managing his health and BK won’t require anywhere near the workload he had in L.A. or Detroit. I expect Blake to be very professional about his approach down the stretch as this may be his only chance to win a title.
  6. Without question, especially since Drummond will be moved by the deadline.
  7. Ugh, just made a risky move to acquire Claxton in a deep league...hoping that the Nets blow everyone out by 40 so Claxton can still see 15-20 minutes.
  8. It’s been like that forever and they correct the following day. My guess is that because his name in the box score is Willy and the name on Yahoo Leagues is Guillermo. Makes you wonder why Yahoo doesn’t change his name to Willy?
  9. You obviously don’t own Robert Covington.
  10. But this does nothing for Cleveland....what do they benefit?
  11. OG has already been extended at $18M x 4 years. A package for Drummond CAN be made w/o Lowry but not sure what Cleveland would want with Powell, Baynes, Johnson, Davis etc all on expiring on option years. A third team would have to be involved, and even then it’s a long shot. If Toronto moves Lowry it’ll be for rebuilding pieces, not a potential 1 year rental. Same goes for Cleveland moving Drummond
  12. Washington’s such a mess...didn’t Brooks do the same last year, randomly starting guys one day and DNP’ing them the next?
  13. Dude same. I’d love the IL spot so I can pick up a streamer for tomorrow and leave Cov on the IL until he can get his **** together.
  14. Missing shots outta 3 positions now!
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