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  1. It’s a an auction keeper league. Both Hield and prince are cheap. Both could put up top 30-40 seasons. Not so bad considering this was done prior to the trade. People were highly frustrated with him.
  2. I packaged him and prince for butler and wcs in my keeper league. I am high on him him but I have the feeling this is the peak.
  3. What was the trade? Was offered butler for my prince and Hield (both cheap keepers)
  4. Lately i I think you just like to troll and be negative. Why would anyone drop a guy that been in and around top 60 when all that's been said is he's ill.
  5. I was offered him for nurk and nance jr. It's a keeper league but I wouldn't even do that.
  6. Why hey does punting assists matter? That's not why people drafted him.
  7. Batum is likewise the face of the Blazers future, go look at new GM Neil Olshey's comments on Batum when he was an RFA and Olshey had just taken over the team. Batum is a superior in every facet of the game except rebounding. Yeah but you have Aldridge and now lilard coming in the way he is. Nobody in Indy is challenging George for that title. They're shopping granger even harder now because of it.
  8. Quality poster. 5 star....

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