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  1. Sell high? You gotta be kidding me, arrieta sucks!!! Hes waiver wire worthy. Sell high LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  2. I remember hearing Olney saying that was the number being floated around.
  3. So the cubs offered him 100-120 million dollar extension, he bet on himself and he lost. He was being greedy LMAO, hell his damn agent is Boras who is known for squeezing out every last penny from teams.Your comparison is awful by the way, comparing a small raise to a contract well over 100 mil is insane. Hes a greedy douche
  4. Of course it does, he wanted more money LMAO
  5. This douche cost himself huge money lol. Greedy fock. He's toast. I knew I should have traded him a couple weeks ago.
  6. Stop he's done. He hasnt shown anything in awhile. He's a waiver wire turd at best.
  7. Tommy John incoming..... 3....2......1
  8. They didn't spend 80 mil to have Desmond rot on the bench. Goodbye Reynolds.
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