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  1. Hurst, theoretically he'll get more looks with Julio out. And the Rams are going to pound the run.
  2. Pretty sure you'll win your league if you start literally everybody against the Tigers.
  3. It's weird this year, with every game being the equivalent of 2.7 games in normal times. The increased sense of urgency has me ready to drop Wood after one start, which would normally be a noobie knee-jerk move. It was just such a short, poor, start. Do I really want to give him more leash for another "work things out" start against a better lineup (which is almost all of them)?
  4. Good to know. My league has defined SP and RP slots, nothing for just P.
  5. It's weird, I've seen it on Yahoo before, like last year with Eickhoff not appearing in the early part of the season in some leagues. It's gotta have something to do with league settings. https://ibb.co/R3BCjBw
  6. A slap-hitting C/SB, in an alleged pitcher's park, in a short season, is absolutely the road to fame and fortune.
  7. Wonder if he'll be making an appearance on Yahoo at some point.
  8. I'd probably hold off. There is so much volatility with this season that it's difficult to make a shift to invest heavily into right now now, and make your team better for the current season. I need to see something again from Soler. I'd feel better about Castellenos if he was still with the Cubs, but he's not. He was just some guy with the Tigers. Thanks for the help on mine.
  9. I'm in a points league, where closers are devalued. Anyway, should I roll with Nick Anderson or Craig Kimbrel? I'm unsure whether Anderson is actually the closer, and whether Kimbrel is washed.
  10. Between the Super Bowl goal line pick, and now this...you've gotta wonder if goal line offense is some kind of Twilight Zone for Seattle.
  11. The world needs a Jacob Hollister TD. Really, anything at all would be swell.
  12. All of a sudden this snoozer is a shootout
  13. He really is a Viking. Showing up when it matters least.
  14. The poster boy for the difference between fantasy and reality. This guy is an absolutely horrible real-life QB, yet he'll always be a top 8 fantasy QB due to the immense receiving talent around him.
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