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  1. Jrue Holiday got his tag asap...still nothing on PG13. Still GTD.....has to be because the organization refuses to update his injury status....
  2. Wow...his stats be looking horrible right now...
  3. I am a YUUUUGE Bucks fan and I was initially worried about Chris doing a number on them. Then, I remembered that Nurse is an idiot, and quit worrying.....Situation resolved....
  4. Nurse looks to be trying to not play Boucher, as he is afraid they might win if they do.
  5. Must be a REALLY sore neck...wtf ? He is going to end up missing mutiple games with a sore neck ?
  6. Not sure how Durant belongs in the MVP list thus far....Joker is #1 for me, then maybe #2 Embiid....#3 perhaps Curry, but could be a lotta guys, but thus far Durant is top 10 at best, but not even top 5.....
  7. Just postponed the NEXT THREE !!! Meaning JV will be back before Tillman hits the court again. He is only a hold if you are 100% confident that JV gets dealt sooner than later.....Otherwise VERY droppable...
  8. I wouldn't go as far as saying he is "unskilled" But, most certainly has been Overhyped and overrated IMO. Playing next to Leonard allowed other people to play with MUCH less defensive attention given to them. Leonard was actually underhyped and underrated until just a couple years ago....When he blew up, everyone playing next to him benefited when all the attention went away from them. Siakam may have benefited the most of anyone at that time...
  9. Yeah, I have never owned BB, but I love his game and energy. I would think anyone would want to play on a team with him....He is a straight up baller..
  10. Good to know. I did like that he salvaged his other stats last night even though he could not hit the broad side of a barn. That does not happen often with other players.
  11. I just acquired him before the last 2 games.....sorry to all the other owners. I think I may have jinxed his season for ya'all
  12. Soft, or just not wanting to play.....Answer: When he was traded to a team that has a very slim chance at the playoffs this early in the season....especially after Bryant went down. I have him in a dynasty league, so I feel your pain. Bradley Beal knows his team sucks, but continues to give 110% Maybe that attitude will rub off on Russ....hopefully
  13. FG% isnt to die for, but everything else has been stellar....
  14. Looking great thus far tonight !!!! Season starting slump officially over....
  15. I knew you were kidding. Not sure what made you think otherwise 🤔
  16. This kid could be good some day, but that day won't be in 2021....IMO. i have been wrong before, but I dont think I am this time.
  17. Royce ? Lol that is some funny **** right there 🤣 😂
  18. Where did you see they are adding Drummond ?
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