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  1. It's clear they have to find some kind of reason why. But that is not very tough... an injury or even DNP CD. Enes Kanter was healthy too and what did the nba do? i doubt AD plays alot after they are behind by 20 at the half almost every game
  2. Good luck with that hope.... There is no ways to keep track of what is behind a DNP or not. The pels will find a way to get this done. Maybe not a full shutdown from the start, but sooner then later....
  3. we better should get used to this DNP Party now
  4. that means nothing... he has to say this... I dont want to know how they talk behind closed doors. I wanna leave to win but now i want to play with these scrubs here just for fun. This is stupid.
  5. Biggest problem is that we don't get any kind of news. He's out thats it. He's back oh now he's out again. I bet they rest him for the playoffs already. Can't be that big of an injury. I already lost all hope for him. Still holding because of the INJ Tag but thats about it. He will not be worth his draft day price and without close to 2 stl. a game he's mediocre at best.
  6. they let him play to fake an injury and then shut him down for the season.....
  7. To win without AD seems impossible. He's that awsome. Blocks you have a huge hole. His Steals are great. The FG%. the low TOs. You can't recover from that loss. if you lose your first rounder you can call it a season....the teams on top of leagues are just to good.
  8. i would not add him in 10 (or thin 12 team) leagues thats for sure. but in deeper leagues he has value for his steals upside alone... 3 to 5 weeks till the playoffs is much time. I bet half they guys that added him now have dropped him by next week if conley and bradley play 30 mins the first couple of games....or for the next hot FA. There a so many guys that make moves night in night out. So why not delon aswell? Just to see what happens... The upside is there...
  9. Keeper League Question: What will Yahoo do if they bench him but he is not injured?
  10. he is a good waiver wire add nothing more nothing less. To not pick him up because of that reason would be stupid. Who knows what will be in Week 22. Thats a long time. Other Teams have players with a bad schedule aswell and we all will be streaming either way. He is a great lottery ticket to have.
  11. Agree. I think he goes way under the radar right now.....
  12. if you need 4 games from wright to win you a playoff matchup your team can not be that great.
  13. It's just an idea. morey is one of the more aktiv GMs so we have to wait and see.
  14. they are in semi tank mode so why need a defender like bev? they will unlesh SGA and still need Lou to score, look what shamet brings. I doubt Pat Bev will be that great ROS.
  15. I think some team that lost out on the deadline will grab him. Hornets maybe? Rockets? I'm unsure....
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