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  1. Pay this man his money. I don't see the hate for the person who signed this guy. All the leagues will continue to do things like this. It's about the revenue that is coming in. Bottom line
  2. People keep talking about how much of a freakish athlete he is. I am sure there have been thousands of freakish athletes going all the ways back to high school. If he is not available to play then who cares.
  3. How much did he get from them? Have not won since 88
  4. 8 man league. Don't have time to wait and see .Dropped
  5. With only 60 games to play are people focusing on drafting pitchers or hitters. Pitchers pitch every six days and hitters daily. Wondering peoples thoughts
  6. Everyone know he will not live up to the contract. Signed until 40. Dodgers better hope he gives them at least 6 "good years". Good for Mookie, the owners and fans. Everyone wins even if they don't win. Play Ball
  7. I saw the headline and had to chime in. What losers to act like it made a difference in there lives. This was very educational
  8. And this guy will be nicked up/injured his entire career. Just like Porzingis. Zion is an injury guy and we knew this
  9. I posted like three years ago how this guy is always knicked up/hurt. People were like how can you say that. Well......................I moved on three years ago
  10. My math was off it's like 46 missed 32 left
  11. If he comes back in 3 months that would be Feb 2. I counted about 57 games missed with like 37 remaining. I have him with no ir spot. I think I will be dropping.
  12. KP will be hurt like his is every year. Rolling the dice on him
  13. I feel like Steph in firts few years but not now. Lie I said I did it "freestyle' not rehearsed. Whiteside. Thanks for chiming in
  14. AD, Gallo, Love and there are more. But people still drat anyhow thinking things will be different. Keep them coming
  15. Porzingis, Embiid, C Paul, Will Be Zion, Blake Griffin. That is off the top without researching it. Any others????
  16. Moved on from him like two years ago. He is always hurt and is not that good. He is winning with his commercials though.
  17. Your right. His locker will have his walking papers in it by the end of the night.
  18. Have not seen a post on him. I know its early but it seems like he only shoots threes and that's it. I might drop on production and forget the name. Thoughts?????
  19. I drafted Gobert the last three years in multiple leagues. I have moved on
  20. Barnes is a bum. Chocked in the finals in G State. Dallas paid him for whatever reason.
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