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  1. This has been the same deal since he entered the league. I'm surprised that your surprised.
  2. Stop talking guys off the ledge and just let them jump.
  3. He was my number 1 pick fourth overall. I came back with JuJu.That sums up my season on just those two never mind the others
  4. Do people think he is worth grabbing in a redraft/keeper league? Just wondering since not much is being said about him.
  5. Seems like the same that happened to McCutchen.
  6. 10 Team League. I know the Yankees have a good offense but this guy is struggling. Thoughts
  7. Do people think I should hold Salvador Perez in my DL spot in a 10 man 5x5 league. What am I waiting for??
  8. Which guy would you rather have?? 10 team standard
  9. Having him and Whiteside this year has been dissapointing . Second and third round picks. I might be done with him hes hurt a lot. I guess thats why he was available so late
  10. For me it's easy. First time owning him. H Whiteside
  11. They blow teams out and their stars sit a good chunk of the fourth quarter. From a fantasy perspective that really bothers me.
  12. yes. If I'm considering 1 then yes on 2
  13. I'm thinking of taking him #1 in a ten 10 team standard league. Am I crazy for that?
  14. I was going to grab him before your post
  15. I have him in two leagues and have been disappointed. He has the most strikeouts in the league. He will be on my bench until further notice
  16. This guys seems to be being hyped like C Correa was last year. I kept Correa and was disappointed.
  17. Kept him last year in a keeper league. Passed this year
  18. Would people consider stashing him in a keeper leauge if there team was out of it?? Plus have an injury slot
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