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  1. Seems like he could have a career high in 3's. He's taking around 8 attempts a game. Only 2 game sample size, but he's taking a ton.
  2. Can we just give this dude an injury tag already? Yahoo is so slow with this.
  3. I got Levert with pick 132 in my competitive 12 team league. No one else believed I guess. 🤐
  4. Smart move, man. I'm loving that extra bench spot with so many delicious rookies.
  5. I sure could get used to this. 1 steal, 1 block, 2 3's right before the half.
  6. I don't think anyone believes Elfriid or DSJ or Frank are actual starting caliber PG's. Back-ups at best. Might as well start Quickely if he's looking better. It's not like the Knicks are making the play offs or anything. Might as well hype up the young guy and work towards ROY award.
  7. He looks like a great steals, threes, and some other stuff guy. I'll take it.
  8. My man is starting tonight, last game before regular season. I think we might have a winner.
  9. I predict a huge game tonight with both Lebron and AD on the floor. Once that happens the cat will be out of the bag. Don't sleep on THT!
  10. Huge night for our boy tonight, fam. Get to see how much better he'll be with Lebron and AD taking the pressure off. Plus you can guarantee Lebron and AD won't be playing full minutes. We'll get to see Talen in garbage time, which there will be quite a bit of. He's going to especially feast versus trash teams like the Kings and OKC once Lebron and AD have done their damage. I could honestly see this guy averaging 25-30 minutes a game between trash time and running with the starters. DO NOT SLEEP ON TALEN!
  11. I'm riding this guy to the moon. Anytime Lebron or AD sits to rest, there's a chance he puts up a good line. More than happy to have him on my bench and slot him in when he has a shot at a big game. Get on the hype train before you miss out!
  12. Big question marks here. Will his steals return to the 1.5 range? That could be valuable. Will he miss few to no games? Also very valuable. If he plays every game I'd say 3rd-early 4th would be a nice place to get him.
  13. Problem with watching is everyone else is too. By the time you go to grab him he might already be gone. Don't let others beat you to a guaranteed fantasy victory! RUN DONT WALK!
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