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  1. I'm not going to write and say that I'm perfect on the whole criticism part, but I like to think that I help more than harm. Saying that, I have benefited more times than I count from this board and I can only try to match what I've gained from it with whatever I bring to the table. I would like to point out that the best place for your smaller questions regarding your team is either the specific player threads (whether you have to fish them out is up to you) or the BC sub forum where this kind of thing is done.
  2. Let's have further discussions in the future.

  3. Someone's popular!

  4. You know you want me as a friend again.... and to give me 5 stars and advice on all my topics.

  5. Aww I miss u too!

  6. Baseball season will be the reuniting force.


  7. Aw, I couldn't get you up a star...


  8. I got you up to 3 stars!

  9. You know how I know you're gay? Anyways, I felt like listening to cheesy music, so Def Leppard for me.
  10. With ur own blog u will evolve into 7332T.

  11. Two Stars?! What the hell?!

    As of basketball season, I will be starting my own blog on the site. Be sure to read it.. :)

  12. You pretty much rock!!!

  13. Grab a drink and a friend and stay awhile.

  14. I added you, because, well... you're pretty awesome.

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