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  1. im done with my picks...thanks...my email is not working can some hit the next one for me
  2. Hoosier Smurfs select TE Jermaine Gresham and drop Kicker Kris Brown
  3. Hey Folks, I will select Demaryious Thomas WR DEN and drop Limas Sweed WR PIT I will email Trailer Park
  4. Ok, just got an email this afternoon that i was up. No big deal Ill take DEVIN AROMASHODU WR CHICAGO BEARS I would send email as usual, but I dont know who is up.
  5. Pack attack has him, I am sorry. I totally missed that
  6. Hoosier Smurf select K Kris Brown HOU I could not find were Gostkowski was taken, but I will check again
  7. Hoosier Smurfs select Stephen Gostkowsi NE K
  8. Hoosier Smurfs select Josh Brown K STL
  9. Hoosier Smurfs select Sinorice Moss NYG WR
  10. I do believe I am up by reading the posts, so I select....HOUSTON TEXANS DST
  11. Hoosier Smurfs select WR DWAYNE JARRETT CAR
  12. 25 rounds, got it, thank you for the quick replies!!!!
  13. Hey remind me, This draft is going 20 rounds right or is it 25
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